Saturday, June 11, 2016

Glitzy's Gamer Spotlight #8

What is your name?
Vætr Droppin Bombz!

When did you start playing Guild Wars 2?

Or how long have you been playing?
I've been playing since beta!

What made you want to try the game?

A friend of mine was talking about it; sounded interesting and unique, plus I had never played an MMO, so I figured why not give it a shot!

What's your favorite profession to play and why?

Dagger/Dagger Elementalist! I spent a lot of time training and playing Ele in general, and to me D/D Ele is extremely fun!

When you log into the game what is the first thing you like to do?

Go to my home instance or guild hall and collect my daily nodes.

Have you bought Heart of Thorns? If so, what is your impression of the new maps and events?
If you have not bought it explain why and if you plan to.
I totally "Shut up and take my money!" Lol. I like the new maps; the sense of urgency, to complete objectives, and overall involvement with the content is good. The maps are expansive and detailed, and are just really fun to explore.

What goals have you set for yourself in game?

I want to craft a second Eternity, and also craft Flameseeker Prophecies.

If you are in a guild you'd like to promote please tell us about it!
If you are not in one, what are you looking for in a guild?
I am in the best guild evah, Ethereal Guardians [EG]. They're PvE centric, but do a lot of PvP and WvW as well. Well rounded guild, fully upgraded buffs, and the best Guild Hall! Check them out, put in an application!

Any updates or fixes you wish ANet would work on?

More consistent updates for WvW that involve ANet actually paying attention to what the WvW community is asking for. Separate balance patches for WvW, PvE, and PvP. Better/more consistent rewards for the more difficult content. More non-raid dungeons!!!! =D

If you could visit IRL one of the cities of Tyria which one would you pick and why?
Metrica Province! It is wrapped in mystery and rich with lore. It feels like there's a lot there worth exploring and investigating beyond what the naked eye can see.

Monday, April 4, 2016

March Thoughts

Another month has passed already?! It sure seems like 2016 is zipping by! I would have loved to have filmed March vlog, but there just hasn't been enough time in the day to do so. I hope you don't mind another blog post then! :o)

March actually was a lot happier than February. I was recovering from a lot of defeats and have taken time to reflect on how to improve myself. I made a list of some memorable moments from March so let's dive in!

Dyed hair - One of the most exciting changes this month was dying my hair back to pink. Last October I shaved my head and have been letting it grow without any bleach or dye. It was getting about an inch or so long and was just a boring dark brown color. Since I don't really have a plan on what to do with it, I decided to dye it pink again! Even though I still wear wigs from time to time, I enjoy having my colorful 'do back.

Gaming - Let's start with EQ Next. This is a game that was announced back when I attended SOE Live several years ago. I've always been a big Ever Quest fan and was really excited for EQ Next. Well sadly, they announced that the game will no longer be happening. It broke my heart to read about it. I may need to revisit EQ2 soon. In happier news, I've been playing a lot of Dragon Mania Legends which is a mobile app game that is very easy and addicting. In March, they released a new "Clans" feature where you can group with friends to earn new rewards. It's one of the only mobile games I've actually stuck with now for a nearly year! Finally let's get into a recap of Guild Wars 2. This month I decided to make the legendary shield The Flameseeker Prophecies. I had almost all the materials for it and really liked the design so I just went for it. A few days later the devs announced that they were postponing the release of new legendary weapons indefinitely! What!! So that means all this time waiting for the new weapons that they promised with the expansion won't be happening after all. I admit I was pretty bummed about this news. I would have made the sword Bolt instead of the shield, but I was waiting for the new sword to come out. I guess that won't happen so now I will be making Bolt next. Some good things that happened in GW2 was the new raid wing, the return of the Bunny Ears and the big giveaway party I hosted on my stream. I gave away lots of prizes and had a fun time in Lions Arch with my friends and guildies. I'll be hosting a giveaway on the last Friday of every month so if you missed it you can join us for the next one!

Moving - You can read the whole story on this blog post. But the TLDR version is I made a trip down to Houston to look for an apartment and find a new job. I found a very nice place that would be available mid April so I made the jump and signed a lease! I'm nervous and a little sad to be leaving Dallas, but this will be a good opportunity for me. It will be fun to explore a new place and also get back in to the beauty industry for my career. So I am looking forward to the move. It's just been very hectic now trying to organize, clean, and pack my things in preparation.

Divergent - I saw Allegiant in theaters this month. Here's my mini review of the new movie: I've been a big fan of the books and really loved the first movie. The second movie was okay but seemed too heavy on CGI. I was hoping the 3rd installment of the series would redeem itself but it left me going home really unhappy. It's like they totally forgot about telling a good story and focused all of their money and energy on visual effects again. Also, Tris just seemed very unlike herself and lost all of her character development. Many of the scenes and lines came off cheesy and nearly made me laugh (and not in a good way.) The only thing I enjoyed about the movie was Four. The actor played his role well and the character made smart decisions and looked like a badass. I enjoyed his moments more than any others, but it still wasn't enough to get me excited for the last movie due next year.

Easter - It was a little weird having Easter so early. Isn't it usually in April? My family and I kept things pretty laid back and decided to order pizza for the weekend. I also got some cute cards in the mail and had a great day!

Store - While cleaning out my room and closet I found tons of nice purses, jewelry and decor that I just no longer use -or never used to begin with - and decided to open a Storenvy! I have had 2 sales so far and hope that my other items will find a new home soon. The money will help go towards my move, too!

Pixie update - This actually happened today rather than in March but since it's fresh on my mind I wanted to fill you in! I took Pixie in for her 2 month check up on the state of her gums and teeth and the vet said things are still looking good! I'm glad the few teeth she has left are doing alright so she won't need any removed any time soon. I let the vet know that I am moving to Houston and it was a little sad to say goodbye. They've been a great clinic to go to and have really taken good care of Pixie. I hope I can find another nice vet in Houston.

That's about all I can think of for March! Overall I would say it was a very good month. ^.^

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