Monday, August 1, 2016

Tutorial: DIY Rainbow Highlighter

Have you dreamed of becoming a unicorn princess? Well then this tutorial is for you! No unicorn princess is complete without a prism of rainbows shimmering across their cheeks!

I first saw the rainbow highlighter craze on Instagram when Bitter Lace Beauty first launched their product. Their small independent business exploded overnight. The original product now has a 9-10 month preorder! Due to the long wait, many people came up with a "DIY" version that you can create at home. I followed several guides to see if I could make my own and took some pics of my process! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns 50% Off! + Pixie Update

Hey everyone! A big huge update is coming to Guild Wars 2 next Tuesday (the 26th) with the introduction of Living World Season 3! If you don't have the expansion yet and have been thinking about getting it now is the perfect time because Heart of Thorns is currently 50% off today through the 27th!!

If you plan on buying a new or maybe a second account during this sale or if you know someone that plans on buying it for the first time then please consider using my referral link! A small portion will directly support my streaming since I became partnered with ArenaNet! If you don't use my links then at least use your favorite content creator's to help them out! Thanks :)

Also for anyone interested in the Free to Play version use my link for that, too.

Remember the sale is only for a limited time!

:) :) :) Thank You!!! ~Glitzy
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