Sunday, May 27, 2012

About Me

Thanks for checking me out! I am commonly described as colorful, creative and cheerful! I think I am the princess, but sometimes I'm the frog. I enjoy dressing up and playing with hair. But you'll usually find me on the computer and playing video games. I am glitzy.. I am a geek .. I'm a glitzy geek kind of girl :)

A few random things about me:

  • My name is Anna.
  • I live deep in the heart of Texas.
  • I was so eager to become a cosmetologist that I graduated with my bachelor's in 3 years!
  • I've been working as a hair stylist for 5 years now; I make people look pretty for a living.
  • Little things make me happy; I am easily amused :)
  • My parents are probably way cooler than yours.
  • Pixie is my precious kitty cat which I am sure many blogs will include =^.^=
  • I have a few tattoos.
  • My favorite food is pizza. My favorite drink is Coke Zero. And I love Oreos!
  • I play the online game Everquest II .. It's WAY cooler than World of Warcraft. I raid with a level 92 necromancer on Crushbone three nights a week.
  • I can play "Happy Birthday" on the guitar.
  • I occasionally like to be crafty.
  • I am absolutely terrified of sharks.


  1. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Your hair and makeup is amazing. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to some really creative ideas. Peace!

  3. Wanted to say thx. Ur blog just took me to tumblr and then pinterest. I think I've found a cure for junk food.

  4. You're cool girl! <3 I love your blog! I'm following you and I have taken the liberty to put your button link to my blog!


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