Monday, May 28, 2012

Pixie's Story

Now that I've introduced myself a little bit, I think it'd be great if my next post was all about my best friend! As I mentioned before, her name is Pixie =^.^= and I am not bragging when I say she is the greatest kitty in the whole entire galaxy.

I had been wanting to adopt a cat for a while, and after going through a bit of a hard time I was feeling pretty down. So I decided to look into adopting. I knew I wanted to get a rescue animal, so I looked on PetFinder for a few days. I narrowed my search down to an older cat that would already be litter box trained and one that was also already declawed (I don't have it in me to do that to a cat, but it sure saves your furniture). Pixie popped right up on the list near my city and the pictures they posted of her drew me right in!!

I mean REALLY?? How can you NOT save this kitty with a face like that?? I filled out the application for Frisco Humane Society and got a call back from her foster mom. I drove out to the foster house to check her out. She was a little timid, you could tell she didn't mind people but wasn't too pleased with the other cats trying to play with her. They guessed she was about 4 years old, and must have been in  some type of accident that badly scarred her ear. But no worries - it's very healthy and cute as a button. I just have to help her clean the wax out sometimes, hehe. 

I later learned from Pixie's first foster mom that she was found in a town about 30 minutes north of me and was put in a kill shelter. A worker thought she was a Scottish Fold because of her ear so she called her friend that loved that breed of cat. When the friend came to see her she knew right away this wasn't a Scottish Fold but she was just too cute to leave in a kill shelter. So she took her in and became Pixie's first foster mom. Eventually the other foster mom took her and had been waiting for the right family to adopt her. She didn't want her going to a family with kids or other animals because Pixie is kind of prissy and doesn't like to be tugged on. But now that she has her own home she's incredibly affectionate and gives me hugs all the time. (She really wraps her arms around my neck!) I'm considering adopting another cat now that I've had Pixie for nearly 2 years. She is very clingy to me and I just hate leaving her alone during the day while I am at work. But we will have to see how she handles that! :P

If you are considering bringing an animal into your home, I highly suggest you adopt one from a rescue shelter. Not only is the pet going to be eternally grateful, but you will feel just how special they are, too!

This was Pixie and I on our 1st anniversary (I celebrate it as her birthday)

Pixie is a happy happy kitty that loves tissue paper, boxes and sacks! :)


  1. Pixie is an adorable kitty. Keep spreading the word about how adopting shelter pets is a great thing. They give unconditional love.

  2. SO rad that you two found eachother. :)

  3. Oh my, Pixie is so cute and pretty! I love that you're celebrating her "birthday". I bet she's very happy and grateful to have you :)

  4. I adore your cat. I started following you for your costumes, but I'm constantly showing pics of your cat to my bf ^_^


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