Friday, June 29, 2012

Nailed it! Purple purple

Painted my toes last night and used OPI "Do you lilac it" and Sinful Colors "Let's talk!".. And my fab sandals are from Steve Madden :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blue, purple & pink hair

So I recently colored my hair all over blue.. but have been washing it with hot water because I thought it was too dark. So then it turned purple and pink! But just an FYI... I bleached it out this evening so stay tuned for another hair post later on!

And this is a pic I saw in a magazine at the salon of the length I'd like my hair to get to. Growing it out is hard so I need inspiration :P

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Things #5

Mom found my sleeping bag from when I was little.. I would take this with me on every sleep over and in the car when we took my brothers to school. I love it! :)

I saw this awesome clutch in a magazine the other day. 


This was in Vogue! It's got the amazing Cadillac Ranch behind the model. So cool!

And this is my epic fail of the day .. I had just filled up the cat food container, and I guess I didn't put the lid on tight enough ;) I laughed so hard and just HAD to get a pic!

And here is a recent shot of my sweet Pixie next to Opal the unicorn. OMG so cute <3

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Favorite Pixie Kitty Pics

I was looking through iPhoto and kept stopping on cute photos of Pixie and saying "AWW!" out loud.. They aren't all recent, but I figured it would make a good post for the blog! Here are a few of my favs.

When I'm at the computer she is usually in my lap. She enjoys watching me play Everquest II.

What I Wore!

Here is an outfit I wore recently. The dress is from JC Penney, leggings from Ross, shoes are TOMS, and purse is Amazon. And I crimped my hair this day, too! :)

P.s. I love Jordan photo bombing in the back! Hehe.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nailed It - Blue and Glitter Ombre

This nail design was pretty messy, but very cute! I painted on a clear base coat, then one layer of Sinful's Midnight Blue polish. Once dried, I did another layer of blue polish and quickly sprinkled some of Martha Stewarts craft glitter near the cuticle and moved slowly toward the tip of the nail. This creates an ombre effect which is quite popular these days!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink and Purple Hair!

Last week I got to do hair for Jessica (the coworker with the fabulous engagement ring shown here)

She already had blonde high-lights all over. So there was no need to bleach her hair to get the pink to show. We used RAW Fuchsia Fatale on top, RAW Deep Purple in her bangs, and Matrix 1N underneath in the back.

She looks so good! I just can't believe she did this before her wedding. It's not until November so she said her reason for doing it is because she wanted to have darker brown hair for the wedding anyway. So might as well go bright while it was light enough to!

This boy is so awesome. He is a star soccer player and has had a bleached out mohawk for the last year. For this summer he was able to color it, too. We used Special Effects Virgin Rose and RAW Deep Purple mixed with some conditioner to lighten it a little. (As seen on Jessica, the purple comes out really dark)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Things #4

This is a photo my brother took of Venus in front of the Sun. He projected the image from his telescope.. don't ask me how.. he's a smart one! :)
I was at work when this happened so I was very happy to see a pic.

Although this isn't my kitty, he/she sure makes me happy! I loved finding this photo on Instagram.

I went to Target the other day and bought a few goodies.
From left to right:
New calendar for my wall, cupcake bowls for Pixie's water, Hello Kitty hair bows, pretzel M&M's, two new buckets for my pens (I couldn't pick just one), and a new agenda and post-it notes to hopefully organize my blog better.

A few days ago I did one eye blue and one pink. Hehe.

No no no don't even go there.. I'm not engaged LOL ... This is a co-worker's fabulous engagement ring! I couldn't resist trying it on. It's so beautiful.

And this tattoo really made me happy! A friend texted it to me, and I'm not sure whose it is so I don't know how to give credit. I definitely plan on getting a Zelda themed piece some day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Snow White Makeup Contest

Hosted by Doe Deere Blogazine and Lime Crime Makeup is a contest to win a Lime Crime gift pack. All you have to do is submit a photo to the event on Facebook by June 11 and 16 finalists will be chosen by the staff for the public to vote on. The photo with the most "Likes" will win!

Here is the photo I submitted and what I used:

Face: Almay Clear Complexion liquid foundation, Pur Minerals pressed powder
Blush: MAC "Sweetness" and MAC "Delicacy" irridescent powder
Eyes: Kat Von D eyeshadows "Mad Max" and "Swan Song" and MAC's "Black Tied",  Great Lash mascara, Kat Von D  "Puro Amor" eyeliner, Urban Decay "Distortion" eyeliner glitter
Lips: Maybeline "Very Cherry" and Bonne Belle "Raspberry Sorbet"

A lot of people have been complaining about other entries being "too professional" .. Well I agree some photos do look overly photoshopped or are being "recycled" from an old photo shoot.. I want to be clear that my pic is original! I used Photoshop to crop the image and I did adjust the exposure. I had to take it myself (took lots of pics because my arm kept showing up in the mirror, lol) and I had pretty bad lighting in my bedroom. My camera is a Sony CyberShot DSC-WX10 and my hair and outfit were obviously done by myself as well.

I'll let you know if I make it to the finals! I hope I do! :)

P.S.   Here are some other shots I tried to attempt .. :P

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music Spotlight: Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine have pretty much been on repeat for the last couple of weeks around here.. Especially the album "Ceremonials" .. I feel something very mysterious and magical when I listen these songs. My favorites have always been "Cosmic Love" and "Shake It Out" .. and now I'm adding "Only If For a Night" to the list.. here's some lyrics from the song:

"Then I heard your voice as clear as day, 
And you told me I should concentrate, 
It was all so strange, 
And so surreal, 
That a ghost should be so practical. 

Only if for a night 
And the only solution was to stand and fight, 
And my body was loosened and 
I was set alight, 
But you came over me like some holy rite, 
And although I was burning, 
You're the only light."

They'll be playing near me in September this year and also at Austin City Limits. Hope I get to see a live show!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick Hair Tip: Extensions

Q: I have been thinking about getting extensions, but this would be my first time and I know at Regis you guys only do the clip ins which is cool. The thing that worries me is getting them to look right when I am putting them in everyday. I was also curious as to whether or not you can highlight them? I originally wanted to come see you for a cut and blonde highlights, but am leaning towards extensions, so I wasnt sure how the whole highlighting thing would work.

A: There's a few types of extensions .. Clip in will be the least damaging to your hair, however, they don't stay in long. It's typically pretty hard to sleep in them and wake up with them in the same spot. So they're good if you just need them for the day. Even if you were to glue them in they would only last about a week or two. Bonded extensions last a lot longer - 3-6 months - but are really expensive. I wouldn't recommend highighting any type. Even if the extension is human hair the color results aren't guaranteed to match. I suggest coloring your own hair the color you want and get extensions to match it. They make hair that has different tones in it, too. Hope that helps some! :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dallas Comic Con 2012

I have always wanted to attend the San Diego Comic Con, but for now the Dallas one will suffice! It was totally rad, too! I have been to two Twilight conventions before but they don't compare to Comic Con. There were a wholeeeeee lot of people there. A few websites said "roughly 20,000 attendees." Holy Bill of Rights, Batman!! I went by myself, but met a lot of new friends.

Naturally, I had to dress up for it, too. So I went as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It was a pretty easy costume for me. I dyed my blonde hair blue for it, ordered the purse and goggles from Amazon, and found the purple tights and pink shorts at the mall.

A few of the celebrities I got to see were Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart and Summer Glau. I also got to meet and get an autograph from James Marsters. I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and Spike was a favorite character of mine. So I was giddy and starstruck when I shook his hand!! He was really cool in his Q&A panel, too.

photo credit: Long Le

This was my outfit for Day 2

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