Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Things #4

This is a photo my brother took of Venus in front of the Sun. He projected the image from his telescope.. don't ask me how.. he's a smart one! :)
I was at work when this happened so I was very happy to see a pic.

Although this isn't my kitty, he/she sure makes me happy! I loved finding this photo on Instagram.

I went to Target the other day and bought a few goodies.
From left to right:
New calendar for my wall, cupcake bowls for Pixie's water, Hello Kitty hair bows, pretzel M&M's, two new buckets for my pens (I couldn't pick just one), and a new agenda and post-it notes to hopefully organize my blog better.

A few days ago I did one eye blue and one pink. Hehe.

No no no don't even go there.. I'm not engaged LOL ... This is a co-worker's fabulous engagement ring! I couldn't resist trying it on. It's so beautiful.

And this tattoo really made me happy! A friend texted it to me, and I'm not sure whose it is so I don't know how to give credit. I definitely plan on getting a Zelda themed piece some day.

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  1. Do you ever sit still? Enjoying your blog and how you bounce with so many creative ideas and likes. Is kitty enjoying new bowls?


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