Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pink and Purple Hair!

Last week I got to do hair for Jessica (the coworker with the fabulous engagement ring shown here)

She already had blonde high-lights all over. So there was no need to bleach her hair to get the pink to show. We used RAW Fuchsia Fatale on top, RAW Deep Purple in her bangs, and Matrix 1N underneath in the back.

She looks so good! I just can't believe she did this before her wedding. It's not until November so she said her reason for doing it is because she wanted to have darker brown hair for the wedding anyway. So might as well go bright while it was light enough to!

This boy is so awesome. He is a star soccer player and has had a bleached out mohawk for the last year. For this summer he was able to color it, too. We used Special Effects Virgin Rose and RAW Deep Purple mixed with some conditioner to lighten it a little. (As seen on Jessica, the purple comes out really dark)


  1. Just think, all this would have been totally unacceptable not many years ago. Now people rarely blink. Nice to be yourself without being judged. Go purple!

  2. I was searching on google for a nice pink purple hairstyle and came across your friend Jessica's - I have asked my hairdresser to do this for me! So I'm having that same cut and colour I'm so excited!!!! I'll try get some pictures!!! :) I looked through your colours you have had. I love them!!! They really suit you
    Charlotte Halley
    Dorset , UK!!!

    1. Awesome!! These colors are so cool - I miss having bright fun colors in my hair! You will definitely need to share pics of how yours turns out! So exciting!


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