Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick Hair Tip: Extensions

Q: I have been thinking about getting extensions, but this would be my first time and I know at Regis you guys only do the clip ins which is cool. The thing that worries me is getting them to look right when I am putting them in everyday. I was also curious as to whether or not you can highlight them? I originally wanted to come see you for a cut and blonde highlights, but am leaning towards extensions, so I wasnt sure how the whole highlighting thing would work.

A: There's a few types of extensions .. Clip in will be the least damaging to your hair, however, they don't stay in long. It's typically pretty hard to sleep in them and wake up with them in the same spot. So they're good if you just need them for the day. Even if you were to glue them in they would only last about a week or two. Bonded extensions last a lot longer - 3-6 months - but are really expensive. I wouldn't recommend highighting any type. Even if the extension is human hair the color results aren't guaranteed to match. I suggest coloring your own hair the color you want and get extensions to match it. They make hair that has different tones in it, too. Hope that helps some! :)

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