Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2012

This was my second year to go to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Tx. Last year I didn't really dress up or know what to expect.. So this year I really put more effort into it! I feel like you enjoy yourself more if you get into character. And I just love any excuse to be crafty. So I planned on making a simple yet costume-y dress for it. I also made my headpiece and purse.

I made just made a fold over purse out of purple fabric and lined it with a fun green fabric. Then hot glued and pinned some baubles to the outside. My favorite was making the fairy dust jars! They are so cheap at Michael's and you can put any color glitter in them.

My dress is from Kohl's but I added the "corset" part myself. It's just eyelet ribbon with a glitter ribbon through the holes. Just like a shoe with laces. My shirt is from Target, owl necklace is from Sam Moon, shoes are Blowfish and the foxtail is a souvenir I bought at last year's festival. Thanks to Bleubird Vintage for the tutorial I used to make my flower crown.

I saw this Fairy Garden last year and was excited to find it again. I am inspired to make one of my own now.

You must check out this guy!! He plays the amazing instrument known as a carillon.

This was a real dude! Walking around!

I was selected to give our knight a "favor"  .. I felt so special :)


  1. Cool pictures! Looks like a good time! I love your outfit and bag! That fox is freaking me out a little... he looks really cool but also a little too real looking.

    1. He was very life-like! I was freaked out as well by the "tree man" .. Thought he was just decoration until he started walking! :P

  2. Wow, looks like it was a lot of fun!

    1. It definitely was! You should try and attend a faire if you get the chance! Thanks for reading, too :) :)

  3. Really wanting to go to the one close to Houston. Have you been to that one? I'd love to live in a town just like the faire.


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