Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Things #6

Here's another batch of some wonderful things making me happy recently :)

I got to see a Euro for the first time! My friend had kept one from his trip to Barcelona.

This is a screen shot of my character from Everquest II. She rides an awesome pegasus when she's not on her pink unicorn, lol.

These are some cool figures I helped paint for a game called Super Dungeon Explore.

Redecorated my apartment a little to feel extra magical.

Dad sent me this pic of a little Stitch that was lost back home! He found him under my bed.

And this surprise rose made me extra happy! :)


  1. How awesome that such little things make you happy. Save the Euro. You really need to take a trip.

  2. Now the thought of someone giving you a stolen flower (too cheap to buy one) puts everything into perspective. My first book might be for guys who can't figure out why they can't keep girlfriends.


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