Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Things #9

Here's the latest Happy Things post! Oh how happy these things make me! :P
This is the sweetest little table from the Frisco Mercantile.

Eating at Casa Rita's is fun when the little sopapillas look like butts!

The drive-thru guy at Jimmy John's was asking about my tattoos.. and I may have batted my eyelashes a few times, too. He gave me a free cookie :P

A little personal enjoyment is getting my nails done. I do love painting them myself but the polish never lasts with my hands always in the water.

Found this cutie on the counter at a new restaurant called Tasty Garden.

It was that time again! Free piece of chocolate at Godiva once a month with a membership. I got a strawberry truffle.

Hard to tell in the photo but these pretty trees were sprinkling their white flowers on my car while I waited in line at Starbucks.

My hair is finally getting to my shoulders.. it's fun having longer hair for a change.

And I am super happy to have an official sign outside my salon now!

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  1. A.) I'm sure I've said it already, but love love LOVE your hair! Seeing gorgeous purple hair everywhere makes me seriously want to add some purple next time I go in. Too bad I already have magenta, blue, light pink, and black planned... not sure if there's space for another color!

    B.) How do I not know about this Godiva membership free truffle thing?

    C.) Free cookies = win!

    D.) Your nails are pretty. =)

    P.S. Included a link to your pinterest & related post in my Thoughts & Things Thursday post today!


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