Saturday, August 25, 2012

Having Fun with Everquest 2

Now that my schedule has finally calmed down, I have been able to play EQ2 a little more frequently. For awhile I only logged on to raid.. and didn't play just for fun. Raiding IS fun but there's also so much else to do!

The pic isn't good quality, but I was beyond excited to finally loot this cloak called Rain of Petals. It's a pink animated cloak with rose petals drifting down. I've been trying to get it for the last year! It drops in a zone called the Shard Of Love by a giant drake named Woefulness. Usually people go to this zone to loot the Valorous Wings.. and over time I've probably got those 20 times! But never this cloak! So I was very very happy to finally find it :)

Also, I made the following signatures for me and my friend Mindseige. We post on our guild's forums quite a bit for raids and stuff and everyone else had cool signatures so I played around in Photoshop! I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.

I just love playing EQ2.. I know it's nerdy but it's so interesting! I change the color of Audeley's hair and wings and give her different outfits.. it's like a virtual paper doll. And you can decorate your house or guild hall, go on quests or join contests. I've made a lot of friends this way, too.. we slay dragons together! Now that's friendship :P


  1. Awesome character! The only way she could look cooler is if she was a Froglok!

    Grats on the cloak!

    1. Thanks!! And every time I see a Froglok I think of you! :P

  2. I never got into Everquest - just World of Warcraft (heh). But this looks so pretty!

    1. I tried WoW out once because it'd be cheaper than renewing my EQ2 subscription .. but I am totally stuck on EQ's beautiful graphics!!


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