Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rainbow Dash Cosplay

For AnimeFest this weekend I plan on dressing up as Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I've been working on finding each piece of my costume. I am so excited with how it's coming along!!

I was very inspired by the Dash from the Yaya Han photoshoot. I purchased the pony ears and wings from her Etsy store. (They arrived very quickly!)

I got two patches for her cutie mark from Etsy. (The seller took forever to ship these.)

My wig is from Cosplay Anime Wigs. (This came from China and got here faster than my patches.)

Traveled to several malls to find this blue jacket from Wet Seal. And got some iron-on letters for it from JoAnn's.

These fishnet rainbow leggings from Hot Topic are super comfy. They're really thick and stretchy!

I'm probably going to wear blue jean shorts and black converse hi-tops. I bought a rainbow tutu and a blue skirt, but these conventions require some sitting in lines sometimes - I'll be more comfortable in shorts.

*Edit: Here is a completed shot of my Rainbow Dash cosplay!

My friend Jordan is dressing up as Mrs. Cupcake.

Her apron and dress is so adorable!! She also got a big hot pink wig that I have yet to see.. I can't wait!

My other friend Kevin is dressing up as a modern Link from The Legend of Zelda. He found some brown boots from DSW and a green V-neck shirt that his friend tailored to fit just perfect!

I am considering being modern Zelda with him for Fan Days
But that will have to be another blog post :)

After this weekend I will post more photos from the convention. It's going to be a lot of fun attending it with friends that are dressing up as well! 


  1. Oh cuuute! Can't wait to see your final outfit posted! =)

  2. Just posted a quick note about the con and highlighted your blog in it. Hope you don't mind and hope yo take lots of pictures!

    1. Thanks for the shout out! Enjoyed reading your blog. I am working on my AnimeFest post right now.. Got a lot of good pics! :)

  3. Just found out about Animefest in Dallas :(
    Hope to go next year! I love your cosplay idea it's so creative(:
    By the way if you don't mind where do you work?
    I love your hair XD

  4. Is there anyway I could buy this jacket?

    1. I bought the jacket from Wet Seal and stitched on the letters from Hobby Lobby. My personal jacket is not for sale but if you google "blue varsity jacket" you may be able to find one still :)


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