Thursday, August 9, 2012


Some movies and stories just seem to stick out to you more than others. Tangled does that for me. I think it's a mixture of my love for Mandy Moore, the music, Pascal the chameleon, and the beautiful colors .. I love how sweet the characters are, the sarcastic jokes Flynn makes, and the development of the love story. It's just overall one of my favorite movies. So this is a Tangled appreciation post!

When I visited Disney World with my dad this year, I was most looking forward to meeting Rapunzel! We scoped out where her spot was and the next day that was our first stop. We waited in line for about 45 minutes, and I'm sure people were wondering why this older, tattooed girl was giddy with excitement to meet Rapunzel. But my dad is cool as ever and took lots of photos! She was so sweet and told me "You must be an artist!" when she saw my tattoos. She said they were beautiful! I told her I did hair.. and I would have a lot of fun doing her hair! We talked about color options and that she could add some purple to hers to match her dress. She said Flynn would probably like that :) Oh man it was so much fun.. I also made an effort to find a Pascal plush for me and my mom. After hunting for him in many stores (he's hard to find - he is a chameleon after all ;) ) we finally found him! He guarded our hotel room while we were at the parks!


  1. Where's my brother? He's always wanted to be a bedspread.

  2. One of my favorites too ... my kids love it also!

  3. I'm so damn in love with Eugene..... Q_Q


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