Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Party!

One of the many crazy qualities about me is that I enjoy going to midnight premieres and new releases! The iPhone 5 was released at 8 am Friday the 21st .. .. So it wasn't technically a midnight release... but that's when I got there!!!! Yep 12:00 am! I waited 8 hours with my friend, Tiffany, outside the mall to get into the Apple store. They let us in at about 6:30 and we were escorted to the front of the Apple store where we waited until 8:00. I was honestly surprised we were first in line.. Some people have been camping out for days for this phone in other states. And the other Apple stores in DFW had tents pitched, TVs, and couches brought in line! We were nervous we were in the wrong place, but after talking to numerous security guards we were sure we were first :) It was about 12:30 that another person decided to join us. Daryl was officially number 3! Next came Jonathan who was upgrading an OLD flip phone. We were proud of Jonathan! The number 5 spot went to Kevin .. he left his chair and we promised to hold his spot because he went to Whataburger for us and later to Starbucks. The top 5 was complete and many more people came to join us in line. Tiffany and I had our pictures taken and were interviewed by Apple employees for a promotional video of some sorts. It was a pretty big deal being first in line. I honestly wasn't expecting that. I have waited for Apple products three other times and was never first. Now I feel like I'll have to do it every time!!! :P

The top 5! Left to right: Daryl, Kevin, Jonathan, Tiffany, and me

The line supposedly started wrapping around the corner and going out the front door. Over 200 people!

I had every option possible.. I was so nervous when they asked me what I wanted! Didn't want to say the wrong thing, lol.

I got it!! It's pretty cool, too. SO LIGHT WEIGHT!! Which is weird since the screen is larger! But it's skinnier.. and so sleek. They didn't have cases for it yet so I've been super careful not to drop it. I'll be passing on my old iPhone 4 to my dad who is still sporting a really old Blackberry.

Hope to see all the new friends I made at the next release! See you in March for the next iPad!! LOL

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sports Weekend!

This past weekend I had a sporty time with my Dad by attending a baseball AND soccer game! First up was the Frisco Rough Riders. They are just one level below the Texas Rangers so the turn out is usually pretty good for these guys. I've wanted to go to a game all season and with it coming to an end soon we needed to act fast. Unfortunately it turned out to be a rather rainy and cold evening, although I may have enjoyed that more than sweating profusely and getting sunburned. I think we left around the 5th inning because the rain wouldn't let up but we listened to the game on the radio at home. We won 5-1!

I just love ordering nachos! They are my favorite sport food. These were pretty good but the ones at the soccer game were better. 

That is Mike Napoli batting for the Rough Riders. He is the catcher for the Texas Rangers and was out for an injury for a few weeks.

This is Deuce and Daisy being funny with a (fake) dumbbell.. Deuce had a hard time picking it up and of course Daisy just throws it over her shoulder. So cute!


So the next night we went to watch a soccer game! The weather was a lot better this time. The FC Dallas Stadium is one of my absolute favorite sport arenas. It's really clean and the layout is very accommodating. I haven't always been a soccer fan, but when an MLS team plays just down the street from you you can't help but feel the spirit! Not to mention the cutest player, Brek Shea, is on their team!

Half time was fun because they had these two cute dogs bouncing soccer balls off their noses to try and score goals! The actual soccer game itself was still 0-0 so half time was almost more entertaining :P

Then in the 96 minute (they were given 6 extra minutes) FC Dallas player Julian de Guzman hit an amazing goal and we won the game 1-0!!!! It was an epic finale!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sew happy!

This is just a random post of some random things in my head! Today I was able to get my hair into mini hair buns.. this is especially exciting because that means my hair growwwwing! I have never ever had hair this long (not since the 5th grade!) so it's kind of a big deal :D

Also, you will find that Pixie Kitty made her way into the photo .. Today I found her most favorite toy in the whole wide world.. and when I showed it to her she immediately knew what it was! She LOVES powder puffs! The little round pads girls use for make up. Jingles loved them, too, but Pixie is what started it. I've bought new ones, but nothing is the same as the original. I just hope she doesn't lose it again.

My sewing machine is out because my mom and I have been working on my Zelda dress. I will eventually make a big blog post about it. The dress itself is near completion, but all the accessories I've ordered still haven't shipped. I sure hope they come soon!

Lately, I've been playing a lot of computer games - GW2, EQ2, and even tried League of Legends. I looked into different positions in the video and computer game industry as a possible job, but I am just not sure I would be good at it. I am skillful with computers, but I don't know much about programming. A possible goal is working in PR for a gaming company. Maybe I'd be good at assisting in gaming events. This all stems from my recent love of conventions. I'm just hooked now! I want to attend all of them. The Fall MLG Championships will be coming to Dallas soon, and I enjoyed reading these posts about PAX Prime in Seattle: Geeky Glamorous - Best of PAX2012 and Miss Magitek - PAX Prime. I can see myself working or promoting at events like that. So maybe I won't be a computer or video game programmer, but I love the idea of being involved in the gaming world!

Having said all that, don't get the wrong impression that I am unhappy as a hair stylist! I love my job! When I am actually doing someone's hair I feel very confident and peaceful, and of course,  joyous to see their reaction to their new look! One thing I feel I can not change, however, is control over when I have clients. I have been gloriously busy for having just started out on my own, but I still have some downtime that I wish was filled with new clients. I've been brainstorming ideas on how to advertise and market myself and it's time I implement them. Another stressful situation within my job is when I have a client no show, cancel last minute or arrive late. It really affects my whole day. I usually only go up to the salon if I have someone scheduled. So if you don't show up then you wasted my time. I don't get paid just to sit up there. Also, if you're late and expect me to still take you then what do you think happens to my next clients? If they are on time for their appointment they shouldn't have to wait because someone else was inconsiderate. *SIGH* Sorry for my RANT, but last week I had a couple of my clients do this and it just stresses me out. Some salons charge you for being late or for not canceling with enough notice.. but as an independent booth renter I am just not sure how to initiate such a rule. How do you charge someone? Do you take their credit card information when they make the appointment? I need to look into this.

Anyway, I really have been quite happy lately, with the exception of my little rant there. It's been a nice September, and I have so much to look forward to. The weather has finally stopped melting faces and fall feels just around the corner. I can't wait to wear boots and scarves and jackets! I may even go by Starbucks and order a hot chocolate  ^.^

Have a nice day!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Salon Make-Over Already?!

My station at work was really cute.. but it wasn't very practical. The drawers in the dresser were not functional. I could barely get in and out of it. So now I've learned that when buying from an antique store always check to make sure it works :)

I went back to the Frisco Mercantile quite a few times looking for a replacement. After lots of measuring I finally decided on this desk. It is in great condition and most importantly the drawers open, hehe. I'm not a big fan of green, though, so I decided to give painting a try. I had never done this before so I looked on Pinterest and asked my parents for tips.

Basically, I sanded it down by hand a little bit then used a liquid sander. It was easy to just rub on with an old t-shirt. That acted as a primer and since I was going to paint it black I didn't care too much about getting all the green off. I only did one coat of black paint. It looked fabulous! So I left that alone and did one coat of pink paint on the drawers. I liked that some of the green would show through - it looked like I distressed it and put a black glaze on it, but I didn't - just one coat of pink was enough! The handles had a bit of green paint on them, too, so all I did was spray paint them gold. After waiting a few days I painted a clear coat on and waited a few more days before moving it into the salon.

I also bought a different mirror while at the Frisco Mercantile. The gold frilly mirror matched Trenette's on the left and felt more exquisite. And I added some cute vintage pictures to the wall from I am really happy with how it turned out! I love using my station at work now - it's functional and pretty!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Things #10

It's been a Happy September so far ~ I can't believe how fast time is going. Not much going on this month, but gosh next month is going to be fun! Some things I have to look forward to is the Zelda Symphony, the Texas Renaissance Festival in Houston, seeing my brother and sis-in-law while in Houston, and going to the Dallas Fan Days convention with Kevin. This weekend I will get to see a Rough Riders baseball game and then an FC Dallas soccer game with my dad! I'm not a huge sports person, but baseball has always been my favorite. And I'm really looking forward to the weather being nice and eating nachos. :)

Here are some Happy Photos:

I love to find acorns (with their hats on) to give as gifts to my mom.

After placing my favorite Beanie Babies on the mantle, Pixie decided she wanted to be one, too!

I took this pic before I dyed my hair pink obviously. So glad it's getting long!

My excitement for all things Zelda recently even spread to the piano. I can't play anything, but I can poke a few keys. I learned a part of Saria's Song. I'll be dressing up as Skyward Sword Zelda for the next convention! I need to post pics of my progress on my costume.

The other day I picked up the last copy at my local GameStop of Guild Wars 2. I've always been really attached to EverQuest 2, and I have a hard time playing other games because of that. I tried Diablo III recently and never got pass level 8. But GW2 has been really fun!! It has beautiful graphics, easy gameplay, interesting story lines, and there's always helpful players nearby. My only complaint would be the random overflow transfers. I guess it happens when too many players are on one server. There's been times when Kevin and I aren't in the same world so we can't play together until one of us gets transferred. So I still prefer EQ2, but it's been nice to play something different for a change.

That's all for now! I got to sleep in a little today, have some hair cuts to do later, then it's raid night on EQ2 .. Going to be a nice Wednesday :P

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 2012 Playlist

August's playlist consisted of a lot of July's .. but I added a few more:

Kreayshawn - Go Hard

I'm not big on curse words.. they don't bother me much, but I sound silly when I say them. However, I find myself singing along to this song. And the video is so cute and colorful! :P

Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I am a huuuge Taylor Swift fan and while I enjoy her country songs I find her more of a pop artist. This new single is especially pop so I am interested how her new album will sound.

The Gaslight Anthem - Blue Dahlia

I'm very happy that The Gaslight Anthem has gained quite a bit of popularity with their newest album. They are a talented band with some good old rock n roll sounds. Unfortunately there is no real video for this song yet, but I'm a sucker for the slower ballads.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinkie Pie Hair!

Recently had a funny time coloring my hair.. I bleached out the purple .. no big deal... mixed up some fuchsia and red together and applied it to my scalp first about 2 inches down the hair .. well then I ran out of color. No big deal - I'll mix some more. Couldn't find my other bottle of fuchsia ANYWHERE! I'm searching and looking and digging through the pantry and purses (lol) .. no luck. So I call my mom in a panic because only half my hair is done and God bless her she went to Hot Topic 30 mins before closing and got me 4 extra bottles.. Won't be running out next time! What a scary mistake for a hair stylist to make!! :P

Super sad to see this pic because I recently broke my heart shaped glasses in half :(

Monday, September 3, 2012

AnimeFest 2012: Part 2

Here are some AnimeFest 2012 photos I didn't take but have found by searching the web like the pony stalker I am. Trying to give correct credit!! But let me know if I missed any :) I will update as I find them.
Did you check out AnimeFest Part 1?

And all the following pics are from Kevin's album with his fancy camera. Sorry if some are repeats from my previous post .. but his pics were much better. :)

Be sure to check out my other AnimeFest posts:

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