Sunday, September 2, 2012

AnimeFest 2012: Part 1

Alrighty folks this is going to be a big post! AnimeFest was pretty fun! I only went on Saturday (9-1-12) but the turn out was great! Comparing it to AKon I would say it was just a tad bit smaller.. but overall had the same great vibe :)

Kevin drove up from Austin the night before and brought some Ramune and Mochi for me to try! It was different, but really tasty. After giving him a haircut (lol) we went to sleep early since we needed to wake up at 7 am to get ready. That gave us enough time to drive to downtown Dallas. Good thing we did because part of the highway was closed off! When we got there the lines weren't too bad for registration. Later in the day when my other friends Jordan and Jared arrived, the lines were crazy long! We attended a "brony improv" panel that was ... well.. interesting.. lol .. And Jordan and Jared saw a Pokemon panel. We all went to the MLP photoshoot which happen to be at the same time as a the Zelda/Link photoshoot. Kevin was a 'modern Link' this convention but after seeing the other's who went all out I think we might do Zelda and Link next!

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I like to call this "if Rainbow Dash got a manicure" lol

Kevin brought strawberry Ramune (rah moo nay)

And strawberry Mochi (moh kee) .. Yum!

Driving to the convention!! (photo credit: kevin's phone)

Kevin and I at the "brony improv" panel

Jordan as Mrs. Cupcake and me as Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash and Kevin as Modern Link

Jared as the Butcher from Berserk and Mrs. Cupcake


Dr. Hooves

Rainbow Dash, Chrysalis, Rarity, Princess Celestia, Mrs. Cupcake

Princess Celestia

Pinkie Pie

Apple Jack

Spike and Pinkie Pie

DJ Pon-3 and another Rainbow Dash

We all had a pony brain fart

No one likes Trixie!

Goofing off at the photoshoot

Myself, Mrs. Cupcake and Rarity

The Flim Flam Brothers and Dr. Hooves

Shining Armor

Mr. Carrot Cake and Mrs. Cupcake

Pinkie Pie

The food court had prisms on the ceiling that put rainbows everywhere! How perfect! People were stopping and taking my photo as Kevin took this shot, hehe

Amazing Zeldas!

And handsome Links!

A food truck outside the hotel :P


The cutest boy version of Marceline ever

A cup of ramen... duh!!

Really awesome Beetlejuice costumes

Miss Argentina was beautiful!

Mass Effect

Lollipop Chainsaw




Sailor Moon

Weeping Angel (from Dr. Who)

Flynn and Rapunzel (!)


Link the Photographer (hehe)

Tuxedo Mask (<3)

Link and the nurses from ..I can't remember oops

We had so much fun!!

Can't wait for the next convention! :P

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  1. Haha oh, I probably should have read part 1 first. So I guess I was referring to the "Mrs. Cupcake" outfit in my comment on your part 2 post!

    Just noticed your rainbow tights btw. SO AWESOME.


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