Monday, September 3, 2012

AnimeFest 2012: Part 2

Here are some AnimeFest 2012 photos I didn't take but have found by searching the web like the pony stalker I am. Trying to give correct credit!! But let me know if I missed any :) I will update as I find them.
Did you check out AnimeFest Part 1?

And all the following pics are from Kevin's album with his fancy camera. Sorry if some are repeats from my previous post .. but his pics were much better. :)

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  1. Really awesome costume! You put it all together so nicely! Even having seen the individual pieces that you ordered, it was hard to imagine what it would end up looking like. That wig looks really fun. Great job!

    (I love the TTGL and Beetlejuice costumes also! Kevin did a good job with the camera.)

  2. Ahh, your outfit turned out awesome!! As did everyone else's. I really like your friend's outfit with the cupcake apron w/ pink wings (not sure how else to describe it, hehe)!

    Rainbow hair FTW!


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