Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Things #10

It's been a Happy September so far ~ I can't believe how fast time is going. Not much going on this month, but gosh next month is going to be fun! Some things I have to look forward to is the Zelda Symphony, the Texas Renaissance Festival in Houston, seeing my brother and sis-in-law while in Houston, and going to the Dallas Fan Days convention with Kevin. This weekend I will get to see a Rough Riders baseball game and then an FC Dallas soccer game with my dad! I'm not a huge sports person, but baseball has always been my favorite. And I'm really looking forward to the weather being nice and eating nachos. :)

Here are some Happy Photos:

I love to find acorns (with their hats on) to give as gifts to my mom.

After placing my favorite Beanie Babies on the mantle, Pixie decided she wanted to be one, too!

I took this pic before I dyed my hair pink obviously. So glad it's getting long!

My excitement for all things Zelda recently even spread to the piano. I can't play anything, but I can poke a few keys. I learned a part of Saria's Song. I'll be dressing up as Skyward Sword Zelda for the next convention! I need to post pics of my progress on my costume.

The other day I picked up the last copy at my local GameStop of Guild Wars 2. I've always been really attached to EverQuest 2, and I have a hard time playing other games because of that. I tried Diablo III recently and never got pass level 8. But GW2 has been really fun!! It has beautiful graphics, easy gameplay, interesting story lines, and there's always helpful players nearby. My only complaint would be the random overflow transfers. I guess it happens when too many players are on one server. There's been times when Kevin and I aren't in the same world so we can't play together until one of us gets transferred. So I still prefer EQ2, but it's been nice to play something different for a change.

That's all for now! I got to sleep in a little today, have some hair cuts to do later, then it's raid night on EQ2 .. Going to be a nice Wednesday :P

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  1. Your eclectic style is always amusing. As a Beanie lover, your kitty is a perfect addition. I'll have to get some game recommendations from you for a beginner. Have a happy day.


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