Sunday, September 23, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Party!

One of the many crazy qualities about me is that I enjoy going to midnight premieres and new releases! The iPhone 5 was released at 8 am Friday the 21st .. .. So it wasn't technically a midnight release... but that's when I got there!!!! Yep 12:00 am! I waited 8 hours with my friend, Tiffany, outside the mall to get into the Apple store. They let us in at about 6:30 and we were escorted to the front of the Apple store where we waited until 8:00. I was honestly surprised we were first in line.. Some people have been camping out for days for this phone in other states. And the other Apple stores in DFW had tents pitched, TVs, and couches brought in line! We were nervous we were in the wrong place, but after talking to numerous security guards we were sure we were first :) It was about 12:30 that another person decided to join us. Daryl was officially number 3! Next came Jonathan who was upgrading an OLD flip phone. We were proud of Jonathan! The number 5 spot went to Kevin .. he left his chair and we promised to hold his spot because he went to Whataburger for us and later to Starbucks. The top 5 was complete and many more people came to join us in line. Tiffany and I had our pictures taken and were interviewed by Apple employees for a promotional video of some sorts. It was a pretty big deal being first in line. I honestly wasn't expecting that. I have waited for Apple products three other times and was never first. Now I feel like I'll have to do it every time!!! :P

The top 5! Left to right: Daryl, Kevin, Jonathan, Tiffany, and me

The line supposedly started wrapping around the corner and going out the front door. Over 200 people!

I had every option possible.. I was so nervous when they asked me what I wanted! Didn't want to say the wrong thing, lol.

I got it!! It's pretty cool, too. SO LIGHT WEIGHT!! Which is weird since the screen is larger! But it's skinnier.. and so sleek. They didn't have cases for it yet so I've been super careful not to drop it. I'll be passing on my old iPhone 4 to my dad who is still sporting a really old Blackberry.

Hope to see all the new friends I made at the next release! See you in March for the next iPad!! LOL


  1. As usual I'm once again behind in the tech world. Considering an iPad when new ones come out. Is it all it's hyped to be? Sounds like another fun adventure in your daily journey of possibilities. Call me sometimes!

  2. Have you or any of your readers had glitches in new phone?


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