Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinkie Pie Hair!

Recently had a funny time coloring my hair.. I bleached out the purple .. no big deal... mixed up some fuchsia and red together and applied it to my scalp first about 2 inches down the hair .. well then I ran out of color. No big deal - I'll mix some more. Couldn't find my other bottle of fuchsia ANYWHERE! I'm searching and looking and digging through the pantry and purses (lol) .. no luck. So I call my mom in a panic because only half my hair is done and God bless her she went to Hot Topic 30 mins before closing and got me 4 extra bottles.. Won't be running out next time! What a scary mistake for a hair stylist to make!! :P

Super sad to see this pic because I recently broke my heart shaped glasses in half :(

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