Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sew happy!

This is just a random post of some random things in my head! Today I was able to get my hair into mini hair buns.. this is especially exciting because that means my hair growwwwing! I have never ever had hair this long (not since the 5th grade!) so it's kind of a big deal :D

Also, you will find that Pixie Kitty made her way into the photo .. Today I found her most favorite toy in the whole wide world.. and when I showed it to her she immediately knew what it was! She LOVES powder puffs! The little round pads girls use for make up. Jingles loved them, too, but Pixie is what started it. I've bought new ones, but nothing is the same as the original. I just hope she doesn't lose it again.

My sewing machine is out because my mom and I have been working on my Zelda dress. I will eventually make a big blog post about it. The dress itself is near completion, but all the accessories I've ordered still haven't shipped. I sure hope they come soon!

Lately, I've been playing a lot of computer games - GW2, EQ2, and even tried League of Legends. I looked into different positions in the video and computer game industry as a possible job, but I am just not sure I would be good at it. I am skillful with computers, but I don't know much about programming. A possible goal is working in PR for a gaming company. Maybe I'd be good at assisting in gaming events. This all stems from my recent love of conventions. I'm just hooked now! I want to attend all of them. The Fall MLG Championships will be coming to Dallas soon, and I enjoyed reading these posts about PAX Prime in Seattle: Geeky Glamorous - Best of PAX2012 and Miss Magitek - PAX Prime. I can see myself working or promoting at events like that. So maybe I won't be a computer or video game programmer, but I love the idea of being involved in the gaming world!

Having said all that, don't get the wrong impression that I am unhappy as a hair stylist! I love my job! When I am actually doing someone's hair I feel very confident and peaceful, and of course,  joyous to see their reaction to their new look! One thing I feel I can not change, however, is control over when I have clients. I have been gloriously busy for having just started out on my own, but I still have some downtime that I wish was filled with new clients. I've been brainstorming ideas on how to advertise and market myself and it's time I implement them. Another stressful situation within my job is when I have a client no show, cancel last minute or arrive late. It really affects my whole day. I usually only go up to the salon if I have someone scheduled. So if you don't show up then you wasted my time. I don't get paid just to sit up there. Also, if you're late and expect me to still take you then what do you think happens to my next clients? If they are on time for their appointment they shouldn't have to wait because someone else was inconsiderate. *SIGH* Sorry for my RANT, but last week I had a couple of my clients do this and it just stresses me out. Some salons charge you for being late or for not canceling with enough notice.. but as an independent booth renter I am just not sure how to initiate such a rule. How do you charge someone? Do you take their credit card information when they make the appointment? I need to look into this.

Anyway, I really have been quite happy lately, with the exception of my little rant there. It's been a nice September, and I have so much to look forward to. The weather has finally stopped melting faces and fall feels just around the corner. I can't wait to wear boots and scarves and jackets! I may even go by Starbucks and order a hot chocolate  ^.^

Have a nice day!!


  1. Hey! It's good to rant every now and then. Some people just don't get it. Starting a new business must be overwhelming. You have so many talents. I'm still looking for an easy game to start with. Can't wait to see your finished costume. Hang in there and direct your frustrations to fighting evil demons. Peace.

  2. Give out business cards at like high schools/colleges! I'm glad you're staying somewhat busy though.

    1. Thanks, Angel, and great idea about going to high schools! Homecoming is soon and that'd be a good time to get the word out :)


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