Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sports Weekend!

This past weekend I had a sporty time with my Dad by attending a baseball AND soccer game! First up was the Frisco Rough Riders. They are just one level below the Texas Rangers so the turn out is usually pretty good for these guys. I've wanted to go to a game all season and with it coming to an end soon we needed to act fast. Unfortunately it turned out to be a rather rainy and cold evening, although I may have enjoyed that more than sweating profusely and getting sunburned. I think we left around the 5th inning because the rain wouldn't let up but we listened to the game on the radio at home. We won 5-1!

I just love ordering nachos! They are my favorite sport food. These were pretty good but the ones at the soccer game were better. 

That is Mike Napoli batting for the Rough Riders. He is the catcher for the Texas Rangers and was out for an injury for a few weeks.

This is Deuce and Daisy being funny with a (fake) dumbbell.. Deuce had a hard time picking it up and of course Daisy just throws it over her shoulder. So cute!


So the next night we went to watch a soccer game! The weather was a lot better this time. The FC Dallas Stadium is one of my absolute favorite sport arenas. It's really clean and the layout is very accommodating. I haven't always been a soccer fan, but when an MLS team plays just down the street from you you can't help but feel the spirit! Not to mention the cutest player, Brek Shea, is on their team!

Half time was fun because they had these two cute dogs bouncing soccer balls off their noses to try and score goals! The actual soccer game itself was still 0-0 so half time was almost more entertaining :P

Then in the 96 minute (they were given 6 extra minutes) FC Dallas player Julian de Guzman hit an amazing goal and we won the game 1-0!!!! It was an epic finale!


  1. Honestly, only the hope of junk food would get me to a sporting event. So what did you enjoy, half-time entertainment, eye candy, or the actual game????

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a great week-end and those were great pics! I bet you were really full if you ate that hot dog and all those nachos!!

  3. I'm not much of a sports person, but I could go for some nachos right now! Mmm...


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