Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candy Corn Pumpkin

This year I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest to paint a pumpkin like a candy corn! It was fun looking for a triangular shaped pumpkin at the patch. That's not a normal shape to find, but my dad spotted a good one!
It was easy to paint, obviously. I just got some yellow, orange and white paint (you don't have to use orange if you don't want to) and then I hair sprayed it and sprinkled glitter on it. Because everything is better with glitter!
Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

This was my inspiration photo.

The pumpkin patch had a cool pirate ship in front of it. It serves snow cones in the summer!

Got to pet a baby duck and see some bunnies, too.

The perfect pumpkin!

Picking out paint and glitter at Hobby Lobby.




  1. That's really awesome! Happy Halloween!!

  2. Sorry to hear of its early demise. RIP.


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