Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life starts all over again..

So far October has been a very busy month! I was booked up solid last week doing hair color after color.. I guess it was just time for everyone to get a touch up done. This week has been a little slower which is good because I had a lot of things to catch up on. I finally finished my Zelda costume and need to start working on a blog post to show each piece of it. I even grabbed another costume for the Renaissance festival this weekend.. I didn't want to risk getting my Zelda outfit dirty.

Pretty happy that the weather is cooling off. You can get by with wearing a jacket and boots now! This quote from The Great Gatsby feels quite relevant right now :)

Another big happy moment is my brother and his wife had their baby! I am now an AUNT. His name is Parker and he's super cute. It's funny because we're all used to taking care of cats and dogs, but now we have a real baby! I still told my bro to "pat him on the head" for me .. Such a cat lady thing to say. 

And now I leave you with Advice From a Tree:

p.s. I am thinking of changing my blog name.. it just doesn't fit me. Any ideas?

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