Friday, October 19, 2012


OMG FINALLY! I have been driving my family crazy trying to come up with a new blog name! The Galaxy Life was so lame, but everything we came up with was already taken! But not GLITZYGEEKGIRL! Here at GGG I will still bring you all the fabulous posts as before and much more! This new identity is giving me some inspiration! So expect some really great posts. I have so many bloggers that I admire and enjoy reading and now it's my turn! I've got my Zelda Symphony post ready to publish and this weekend I'll be at the Dallas Comic Con's Fan Days convention. Follow me on twitter @glitzygeekgirl for updates and live tweets! And

Once I have more time I'll really update my header and backgrounds and such, too. Thanks so much for all the love, and I hope you enjoy the blog!


  1. Name seems like a perfect fit. Finding you isn't always easy. Looking forward to Fan Days updates. See ya GGG!

  2. Love the new name/look!

  3. GGG - Congrats on winning the costume contest!


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