Friday, October 26, 2012

Texas Renaissance Festival

The same weekend of the Zelda Symphony, my family and I drove down to Houston to see my brother, his wife, and go to the Renaissance Festival! The theme was 1001 Dreams where "wizards, elves and fairies enchant the street." That was one magical weekend to say the least. Between the Zelda concert and the rainy feel of the festival my inner nerd was just ecstatic. And then I topped it off with Fan Days this past weekend! Wow October has been very exciting :)

Anyway.. my costume for the Texas Renaissance Festival was fairly simple. I bought the "Lady Robin Hood" outfit and red cape at Spirit Halloween, added brown leggings from Macy's, boots from Walmart, and a cheap wig from the hair store in the mall. Although this wig was only $30, I was very pleased with its quality. It didn't look overly fake and it held up even in the rain.  My bag was made by me and the fox tail was purchased at another festival.

Click below for more photos!!!

It POURED that morning.. the rain let up a little but it was really muddy all day. But I think the cloudy weather added to the magic :)

Fantastic looks!

The Parade

A giant swing

Cast in Bronze - really cool music

Stopped raining eventually and found this awesome coliseum-like area..

Turns out its the huge jousting arena!

Feeling a bit like Dracula here lol

One shop had glitter sprinkled everywhere.. It looked really cute with all my muddy shoes

Guess this is where Link and Zelda shop :P

These cloaks reminded me of the cloaks in Everquest 2

We chased down this guy! He walked by us really fast and I yelled to my mom "THAT WAS FLYNN!!!" so we took off to get a picture!

So cool!

Here is a link to the festival I attended in Waxahachie in spring .. Overall both festivals were about the same.. there might be a few more shops at the Houston one, but most of them sell about the same stuff. People watching is my favorite part! Although, I did buy a few necklaces, a book on magical names (when I need to come up with a new character name on EQ2, lol) and I got a ceramic ocarina with the Tri-force on it! It'd be fun to go to the Celtic Christmas weekend .. I'm sure that's an enchanting time :)


  1. Your costume is awesome!!!! You can't even tell you're wearing wig either. Now you've got me thinking I need to hit up a Ren Fest

  2. Was Down at TRF Last year as well. Will be at Scarborough The weekend of April 13th. Such an enjoyment to go to them as well as The Dallas Cons through out the year.

  3. Oh, you look stunning. *_* And Flynn...!!! XD

  4. Where did you get your dress?? Im thinking of going for 1001 Dreams also with my boyfriend for my birthday and i saw your costume and i as like O.O


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