Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Major League Gaming Fall Championships

A few weekends ago I attended the MLG Fall Championships in Dallas! I only went on Saturday afternoon, but had such a blast! There were a TON of people.. mostly guys.. and I even saw a few friends. The coolest part was seeing Halo 4 before it was released. I also enjoyed watching League of Legends since I just learned how to play it. (I'm REALLY bad at it)

I walked in the door and ran into my friend Kyle! I met him at Anime Fest. They looked amazing!

It was funny asking random guys if they'd take my picture for me :D

You could get free Dr Pepper .. pretty cool!

And these lovely ladies gave out free pretzels! Can you tell which one is me?! ;)

I watched the live stream of the Star Craft competition the night before and saw Scarlett play. So when I saw her in person I was pretty excited. Always proud of girl gamers. (She's in the green shirt at the computer)

More friends! Shea and Colton as League of Legends characters. So cool!

And this was by far the coolest thing ever!! I have been wanting a larger, gaming mousepad and struggled finding one in stores. I assumed I'd need to order one eventually but thought maybe I can find one at MLG. I saw a couple of guys holding these and asked them where they got it. He said he won it and some other items in a contest.. So I was kind of bummed and said how I'd been looking for one and he offered it to me! I tried to decline, of course, but he insisted since he won two. I was ecstatic!!

Overall, I would rate my experience a 10/10 .. It was my first gaming convention to attend and even though I went by myself I had so much fun! Hopefully I can go to more of these soon :)

Glitzy Geek Girl!

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