Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pink and Red Wins!

Well somehow I managed to lose a whole post finally!! It was bound to happen sooner or later. This isn't a major important one, but still sucks to lose everything you typed up. So here we go again!

I colored my hair! Looks like the votes went with Pink and Red.. which just so happened to be my favorite ;p .. I probably was going to do this regardless but it was fun seeing what ya'll picked. Blue and all blonde had some votes and WHO voted for orange?! I said no orange! LOL .. But the Leeloo photo almost had me convinced, too ;)

So the process for this was a little lengthy .. I had been using demi-permanent for the black color so it was kinda easy to bleach out.. I use Wella's Blondor bleach with 40 volume.. I don't recommend using 40 unless you know what you're doing as it's pretty strong. Whoever voted for orange kinda wins cause that's what it turned after I bleached it :P


So then I applied "Candy Pink" by RAW to the top and "Fire Red" to the bottom. My hair smelled like bubble gum and cherries for awhile.

Here's the finished look! I'll probably take a few more pics tomorrow.. I was busy at work today. But I got a lot of compliments on it... It almost glows it's so bright!!



  1. I was the one that voted for orange, it was the Leeloo picture. You could definitely pull it off :)

    1. Haha! Well I giggled when I saw your vote! I have another costume planned for Sci Fi Expo in February but it's two days so maybe I'll do Leeloo, too!

  2. You would be very brave to do that costume. I wouldn't be caught dead in it :P

  3. I'm boring and voted for all black! (I thought the dark in the Ren Fest photos was pretty awesome actually.) But I love the way the pink and red turned out! It looks so good! If I was ever going to dye my hair pink and red, I'd definitely go to you to get it done.


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