Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pink Shelves & Hobby Lobby Brackets

As you saw in my previous post about my new salon, I have some bright pink shelves up on the wall!
Here's a quick little tutorial on how I made them. :)

This was a fun and sorta easy project if you have time to make shelves from scratch! I have seen this project on Pinterest and also saw my friend make some. I say "sorta easy" because it was a little hard to screw the brackets into the wall and make sure everything was level. But other than that it was a breeze!

I got these brackets at Hobby Lobby for only $6.99. 
Sometimes you can catch them 50%, too!
I also got some screws from Lowe's. I got two different sizes.. Smaller ones for going into the board and longer ones to go into the wall.
We later had to use an anchor in the wall to make sure they were secure.

I used a poplar board from Lowe's.. You can get different lengths.
And sand it first before you paint it.

I bought paint from Hobby Lobby appropriately named "Party Pink" for $5.99.

Use a satin varnish for a beautiful shine.

A finished board! Be sure to do both sides since you will see the underneath.

I was so nervous Pixie was going to jump on the boards. Then we'd have little pink paw prints everywhere. Wait.. that would have been kinda cute! :D

After trying it both ways, it was easier to screw the brackets into the board first and then the wall.

Tada! What do you think? I sure love my new shelves! I am thinking about making a long one to go over my bed since I can't find a good headboard. Have you ever made something totally from scratch?

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  1. Looks great! I would have never guessed you made these yourself. I love how your salon looks! I hope that you're staying busy. If I can think of anyone in your area, I'll definitely refer them to you. You do a great job cutting (and styling/washing/coloring/etc) hair!


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