Monday, December 3, 2012

Pixie Kitty Photo Spam

I have done a few cool things lately.. Like my birthday, Black Friday shopping, redecorate my salon (again!), see Breaking Dawn 2's premiere, eat at Denny's for The Hobbit meals, and paint some craft projects.. But since I don't have those posts typed up YET.... Here are some cute pics of Pixie!! :)

She loves to help during raids on EQ2.. I bet she's thinking "Kill the add, cancel the detriment, joust!"
(my guildies will understand, hehe)

Just chillin' ;)

"Sacks make me hyper!"

Pixie and her BFF Rainbow Dash

Big yawn!

These might be my most favorite pics of Pixie! She looks like a prairie dog! She was giving herself a bath and heard something. Haha!

I call this Pixie's "pink puff" .. She loves to sit by me when I am at the computer, and I found this cute pink cat bed at Petsmart.

Looking so pretty on my bed :)

Check out those eyes!! Pascal from Tangled had been hanging out on the back of the couch watching us.

Then Pascal photobombed us!! Promise I didn't even plan this :P

GlitzyGeekGirl aka CrazyCatLady

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  1. Pixie you are just so cute. I could look at pictures of you all day and that is saying something because I'm a veterinary nurse and look at cats all day anyway... but I'd rather look at your little turned down ear and big eyes. hehehe


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