Monday, January 21, 2013

A trip to the mall!

This is more of a "glitzy" post but fear not fellow geeks! I have a very "geeky" post coming up soon that involves Star Wars and prop making!

So on to the glitz! I was able to go to the mall the other day with my Momma! We had plans to spend our $40 giftcard to Godiva. I saw this super cute bear in their magazine and just had to get him! While we were there we actually found a few other goodies. It was a fun trip!

We don't usually have this many sacks so we were kinda excited :P

My free piece of the month from Godiva was "Cookie Dough"
I probably won't get it again .. It didn't really taste like cookie dough. My fav is still red velvet or the strawberry truffle.

This is Pierre! Isn't he cute?! His tag says his name is Valentino, but as Doctor Who knows, not everyone likes their given name. Remember Stormageddon?

These were just too pretty to pass up! And we had a little extra money from our giftcard.

I found these two awesome sweaters at Macy's for only $9.99 each! I love long sweaters since I am taller and they're hard to find sometimes. The bottom one is a really cool bright yellow/green color. The photo didn't capture it's greatness!

This beautiful eyeshadow is called Amethyst by MAC. It's got a lovely shimmer to it!

Aw what a poor fella! It's like a Greek statue gone wrong!

That day I also went by Toys R Us and found this cute little salon vanity! If I was a kid I would LOVE this! 

And although this wasn't included in our trip to the mall, I just had to share the cute "fairy bread" my dad made me for breakfast one morning. It's wheat bread, butter and sprinkles! So easy! Not very healthy but fairies don't care :)

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