Thursday, February 21, 2013

9 Easy Steps for Everyday Makeup

I've been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for a long time, but it's kinda hard to photograph each step on your own! Someday I would love to make a video tutorial. For now I have done my best to show you how to do an easy, everyday look! This is a glitzy post so sorry fellas for the lack of geekiness. There might be a few of you that enjoy it :P

What I used:

Almay Clear Complexion
MAC Concealer Stick
PUR Minerals Powder and Brush
Too Faced Bronzer and Blush Brush
Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
Pencil Eyeliner by Kat Von D
Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline
Lip Lites by Bonne Bell

Step 1 - Foundation: I use Almay Clear Complexion because it helps heal blemishes. Use a makeup sponge instead of your fingers to apply evenly to entire face. 
Step 2 - Concealer: Put a little concealer on problem areas. For me I use it under my eyes and on any blemishes.

Step 3 - Powder: I love PUR Minerals Powder because it is lightweight on my skin. It goes on smoothly and helps prevent shine.
Step 4 - Blush: I had been mixing brown and pink blushes together until I found this bronzer by Too Faced. It works great on your entire face or you can focus it directly to your cheeks.

Step 4 (cont) - Blush: It's important to note that you want to apply blush below your cheek bone. Its purpose is to create a shadow that chisels your face. This will give the illusion of a slimmer facial structure and make your cheek bones pop!

Step 5 - Eyeshadow: This may be the most difficult step for some. So keep it simple! I like Urban Decay's Naked Palette because it has a matte finish. This will look more natural in person and will also photograph lovely! I used the medium brown in the crease of my eye and the light cream on the lid and under the eyebrow for highlights. Be sure to blend well!

Step 6 - Eyebrows: Using a blunt eyeshadow brush and the dark brown from the Naked Palette, carefully brush on some pigment to your brows. Don't go overboard - you just want to add some fullness.

Step 7 - Eyeliner: I like my eyeliner dark and somewhat thick. So I applied mine to the lower waterline as well as the lash line. I go to a slight angle on the upper side - not quite a cat eye but it gives the illusion that your eyelashes are longer. Then using my blunt eyeshadow brush, I smudge it some for a smokier look.

Step 8 - Mascara: One coat of Great Lash Mascara is all you need for an everyday look. For a night out try an eyelash curler and multiple coats of mascara. I only apply it to my top lashes because I always end up with black spots if I do the bottom lashes.

Step 9 - Lip Gloss: This is my favorite step! I think a shiny lip ties the whole look together. I get chapped lips all the time so I use a gloss instead of lipstick. And I like lighter tones for my lip since I do a darker eye.

Before and After!
With a little makeup my skin looks smooth and my eyes stand out more. Since I am in the process of bleaching my hair it's important to add some color to my face. This look is easy, quick (about 10 mins) and keeps me from looking like a zombie!

How many steps are in your daily makeup routine?
Do you have a favorite brand of makeup?
Any tips you want to share?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Favorite Movies

Movies are so expensive these days.. So I don't really go to the theater much. If I go to one then I must REALLY like it! I do enjoy going to midnight showings at theaters. It's fun to see the "super fans" all dressed up and waiting in line for hours with me. Most of my favorite movies are either chick flicks or fantasy. Although there's one major exception to that.. I'm sure you'll notice when you read it. :)

In no particular order:

How To  Deal
-I remember seeing this in the theater a couple of times in high school. It really portrays everything life can throw at you (marriage, divorce, break ups, friendships, pregnancy, death, etc) but in simple terms so as not to make the movie feel too serious. I love the music in it as well.

The Departed
-This is my curve ball I mentioned earlier. It's definitely not a chick flick.. and no way near fantasy. It's more of a drug lord movie (lol) .. So I'm not sure why I love it so much. Maybe Leonardo Di Caprio has something to do with it? Or the use of the Dropkick Murphy's songs? :P

Empire Records
-This move is just all around COOL. Each character is so different and interesting. They all have great qualities and then major problems at the same time. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was go to a CD store. We had one called Hastings back home, and it's still a place I like just hanging out in. This movie also has one of my favorite quotes - "Damn the man!"

-Probably the newest movie on my list (besides Hunger Games). I am a big big big Disney girl. I love all the princesses. And until Tangled my favorite Disney movies were Aladdin and Hercules. Tangled was beautifully animated. And Mandy Moore as the voice of Rapunzel is such a joy! Her songs really touch me. I'm a just a sappy romantic I guess.

Sweet November
-In this film the main character is very odd. She knows she's a little out there.. and she uses it to help random strangers that are trapped in a business-focused world find their inner freedom. I relate to Charlize Theron's character.. I live in my own world, too. I cry every time I watch it. And I just love the song "Only Time" by Enya.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
-Based off the comics by Bryan Lee O'Malley, this adaptation is humorous, game-like, and greatly casted! As seen in my Comic Con post, I am a big fan of Ramona Flowers. I laugh out loud at certain scenes and also enjoyed the movie's soundtrack. Check out "Black Sheep" by Metric.

The Goonies
-There really is nothing better than a good 80's movie. There are so many good quotes from this. I actually have "Slick Shoes" tattooed on my ankles. The cast totally rocked and the plot is interesting throughout. I enjoy watching this when I'm in need of something simple but adventurous. No need for crazy CGI.. just good a ole pirate treasure hunt.

-When I rented Stardust I wasn't sure if it was going to be any good. I had read a cool quote from the movie online, but also read bad reviews. So I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. It's a beautiful fantasy kingdom, and the cast was very funny at times (Robert De Niro in drag!)  I just wish they played up the love story a little more. Here's the quote I liked, "A philosopher once asked, "Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?" Pointless, really... "Do the stars gaze back?" Now *that's* a question."

Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight & The Hunger Games
-I grouped these together because they are all a series. Although I haven't read LoTR, the others were all favorite books of mine. So naturally I love the movies! Any time LoTR is on tv you bet I am watching it. Although it's long, I can't help but be mesmerized by the enchanting story. I'll agree that Twilight has some bad acting in it. But I'm still a Twi-hard. :P I also have loved Harry Potter since the first book was released. So following it for all these years has given me some magical memories. I am new to The Hunger Games.. but I was instantly hooked after reading the 3 books in 2 days. The movie was great in my opinion. The cast did a wonderful job, and I am looking forward to the next movies.

Honorable mentions:
The Princess Bride, Enchanted, 27 Dresses, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Labyrinth, Ever After, Underworld, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, & Dirty Dancing

After typing this I realized I like quite a few movies! I really really want to watch The Princess Bride and Tangled now. I'm sure I left out some good ones, too. 

What is your all time favorite movie? Can you recommend any movies I need to see?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Things #12

Yay! Things that make me happy!

My new Razer Kraken headset! I can hear everyone so much better! Oh we're supposed kill the add THEN cancel the detriment?! ;)

Stoked that the CEO of Razer tweeted me!!! I was so giddy when this happened! Also, @EverQuestII tweeted me recently about Erollisi Day! I was ecstatic!

Here's a pic my mom sent me of a Criminal Minds episode.. she said this reminded her of me! I would LOVE a desk set up like this!!

Sooo happy to have purchased the last copy at the local bookstore of Hyrule Historia. This book is so epic!

How happy does this make you?!

I am not very good at League of Legends (yet) but I was really happy to have won a match. I played a couple of months ago and just recently got back into it. My name is Audeley on there if you want to add me!

I caught a rainbow in my room the other day .. Love finding these :)

Just HAD to put Mr. Leprechaun in for a photo shoot!

That's how I roll!

What has been making you happy lately?!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sci Fi Expo 2013

Let me start off by saying that Sci Fi Expo 2013 has been my favorite convention so far! I had an absolute blast!

One reason this convention was so awesome was because of the media guests. My mom was super stoked to meet all the Battlestar Galactica folks. I was equally excited for Edward James Olmos because of his role in the movie Stand and Deliver. I also loved him in Selena. So we got all the BSG autographs, Christopher Lloyd's from Back to the Future, and I got a photo and autograph with Billy Boyd. The Q&A panels we attended were Kevin Sorbo, Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future, and The Walking Dead. I just love listening to their stories from set and how they got into acting. It's great that the audience members can ask questions, however, I wish people would come up with better questions sometimes haha ...

I decided to dress up as Asajj Ventress shortly after Fan Days last October and got some of it done by December. I had some trouble attaching my custom made light saber hilts so I ended up buying Darth Maul's light saber and add some PVC pipe and electrical tape to make it curve. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to be her but after I got it all completed and did the make up I was really pleased with how it turned out. Originally I was going to be her both days, but when they announced that Billy Boyd from the Lord of the Rings would be there I immediately began working on an Arwen costume. That outfit is definitely the comfiest costume ever and probably my favorite look! The long hair, flowy dress, and handmade crown gave it a whimsical feeling. I'll probably make another post that shows my progress on the crown. It took a couple of days to finish since I was literally just winging it. Pun intended! (it's a butterfly crown, lol)

Now that I've been to quite a few conventions I've started making more and more friends. It's so much fun meeting up with everyone to take photos and ask how you made certain pieces of your costume. Turns out I even liked the new red carpet they added to the event. When I first saw it on Friday when we picked up our wristbands I was like "ummm seriously this is it?" but after seeing it in action I think it's a great way for people to snap a photo and not feel like they're holding up a line or blocking an entrance. I still stopped for photos throughout the whole building, but the red carpet was a cool meeting area for all the cosplayers to get together.

After getting home and taking off all the makeup and putting comfy clothes on, I started searching for everyone's photos. I found quite a few of me dressed as both characters! Saw a lot of Arwen I think because there weren't as many people dressed up on Sunday. The highlight for me was being interviewed for the CBS Dallas News. I was also picked for the Jack FM Slideshow, Dallas Observer Slideshow Part One and Part Two (twice) and made it on the Top 15 Best Costumes list! I didn't win the costume contest, but my good friends got best in show for their Jurassic Park creation!

Here are some shots of my costumes:

I will post a few of my pics after the cut below, but since there were so many (over 200!) I decided to upload them onto my Flickr account. So be sure and them out and let me know who's costume you liked the most!

Click below for more!!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Fro-Yo Date at the Purple Kiwi

A few days ago I tweeted that I was craving some fro-yo! A few people asked me what the heck is fro-yo, and I just can't believe they haven't been blessed with the wonderfulness that is FROZEN YOGURT!! Not only is it a tasty snack but it's also pretty healthy! Although, I am bad about adding a lot of unhealthy toppings. ;)

My fro-yo date was at Purple Kiwi with my momma!

They have machines where you pick your fro-yo flavor.
You can read all the available flavors on their website.

Next is your toppings! These range from strawberries, cookie dough, kiwis, peaches, brownie bites and peanut butter cups and many more!

More toppings! Sprinkles, gummy bears, walnuts, and yummy syrups just to name a few.

And here is what I made! I got strawberry and birthday cake yogurt with a little cookies n cream in there, too. Then I topped it with kiwis, strawberries, brownie bites, oreos, and sprinkles! It was soooo good!

I could probably eat fro-yo every day!
You might notice that I am trying to lighten my hair, too. I am going back to blonde! It's kinda orangey pinky right now.

OH and we got to watch Sponge Bob while at the Purple Kiwi! It was the perfect date! :)

Have you ever had frozen yogurt before? What are you favorite flavors and toppings?

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