Thursday, February 21, 2013

9 Easy Steps for Everyday Makeup

I've been wanting to do a makeup tutorial for a long time, but it's kinda hard to photograph each step on your own! Someday I would love to make a video tutorial. For now I have done my best to show you how to do an easy, everyday look! This is a glitzy post so sorry fellas for the lack of geekiness. There might be a few of you that enjoy it :P

What I used:

Almay Clear Complexion
MAC Concealer Stick
PUR Minerals Powder and Brush
Too Faced Bronzer and Blush Brush
Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay
Pencil Eyeliner by Kat Von D
Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline
Lip Lites by Bonne Bell

Step 1 - Foundation: I use Almay Clear Complexion because it helps heal blemishes. Use a makeup sponge instead of your fingers to apply evenly to entire face. 
Step 2 - Concealer: Put a little concealer on problem areas. For me I use it under my eyes and on any blemishes.

Step 3 - Powder: I love PUR Minerals Powder because it is lightweight on my skin. It goes on smoothly and helps prevent shine.
Step 4 - Blush: I had been mixing brown and pink blushes together until I found this bronzer by Too Faced. It works great on your entire face or you can focus it directly to your cheeks.

Step 4 (cont) - Blush: It's important to note that you want to apply blush below your cheek bone. Its purpose is to create a shadow that chisels your face. This will give the illusion of a slimmer facial structure and make your cheek bones pop!

Step 5 - Eyeshadow: This may be the most difficult step for some. So keep it simple! I like Urban Decay's Naked Palette because it has a matte finish. This will look more natural in person and will also photograph lovely! I used the medium brown in the crease of my eye and the light cream on the lid and under the eyebrow for highlights. Be sure to blend well!

Step 6 - Eyebrows: Using a blunt eyeshadow brush and the dark brown from the Naked Palette, carefully brush on some pigment to your brows. Don't go overboard - you just want to add some fullness.

Step 7 - Eyeliner: I like my eyeliner dark and somewhat thick. So I applied mine to the lower waterline as well as the lash line. I go to a slight angle on the upper side - not quite a cat eye but it gives the illusion that your eyelashes are longer. Then using my blunt eyeshadow brush, I smudge it some for a smokier look.

Step 8 - Mascara: One coat of Great Lash Mascara is all you need for an everyday look. For a night out try an eyelash curler and multiple coats of mascara. I only apply it to my top lashes because I always end up with black spots if I do the bottom lashes.

Step 9 - Lip Gloss: This is my favorite step! I think a shiny lip ties the whole look together. I get chapped lips all the time so I use a gloss instead of lipstick. And I like lighter tones for my lip since I do a darker eye.

Before and After!
With a little makeup my skin looks smooth and my eyes stand out more. Since I am in the process of bleaching my hair it's important to add some color to my face. This look is easy, quick (about 10 mins) and keeps me from looking like a zombie!

How many steps are in your daily makeup routine?
Do you have a favorite brand of makeup?
Any tips you want to share?


  1. As a guy, I find this to be fascinating and incredibly enlightening! I had no idea what all was involved in the process. It's pretty cool!

  2. Love this post. I have no idea what i'm doing with makeup. You are ever so pretty :)

  3. What can you say about the Almay Clear Complexion Makeup Foundation? :) Is it good?

    1. I have used it for a couple years now and really like it! I was blessed with pretty good skin, but I think I owe a lot of it to this foundation. It helps treat and prevent pimples. I don't wash my makeup off every night like you probably should so this foundation was "my way" of taking care of my skin. It's lightweight, doesn't feel cakey, and the color (I use Ivory) blends well with my skin tone.

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