Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Things #12

Yay! Things that make me happy!

My new Razer Kraken headset! I can hear everyone so much better! Oh we're supposed kill the add THEN cancel the detriment?! ;)

Stoked that the CEO of Razer tweeted me!!! I was so giddy when this happened! Also, @EverQuestII tweeted me recently about Erollisi Day! I was ecstatic!

Here's a pic my mom sent me of a Criminal Minds episode.. she said this reminded her of me! I would LOVE a desk set up like this!!

Sooo happy to have purchased the last copy at the local bookstore of Hyrule Historia. This book is so epic!

How happy does this make you?!

I am not very good at League of Legends (yet) but I was really happy to have won a match. I played a couple of months ago and just recently got back into it. My name is Audeley on there if you want to add me!

I caught a rainbow in my room the other day .. Love finding these :)

Just HAD to put Mr. Leprechaun in for a photo shoot!

That's how I roll!

What has been making you happy lately?!


  1. Pop Tarts and Welch's Fruit Snacks. Great book.

    1. Pop tarts make me SO happy! What would we do without them?!


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