Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sci Fi Expo 2013

Let me start off by saying that Sci Fi Expo 2013 has been my favorite convention so far! I had an absolute blast!

One reason this convention was so awesome was because of the media guests. My mom was super stoked to meet all the Battlestar Galactica folks. I was equally excited for Edward James Olmos because of his role in the movie Stand and Deliver. I also loved him in Selena. So we got all the BSG autographs, Christopher Lloyd's from Back to the Future, and I got a photo and autograph with Billy Boyd. The Q&A panels we attended were Kevin Sorbo, Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future, and The Walking Dead. I just love listening to their stories from set and how they got into acting. It's great that the audience members can ask questions, however, I wish people would come up with better questions sometimes haha ...

I decided to dress up as Asajj Ventress shortly after Fan Days last October and got some of it done by December. I had some trouble attaching my custom made light saber hilts so I ended up buying Darth Maul's light saber and add some PVC pipe and electrical tape to make it curve. I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue to be her but after I got it all completed and did the make up I was really pleased with how it turned out. Originally I was going to be her both days, but when they announced that Billy Boyd from the Lord of the Rings would be there I immediately began working on an Arwen costume. That outfit is definitely the comfiest costume ever and probably my favorite look! The long hair, flowy dress, and handmade crown gave it a whimsical feeling. I'll probably make another post that shows my progress on the crown. It took a couple of days to finish since I was literally just winging it. Pun intended! (it's a butterfly crown, lol)

Now that I've been to quite a few conventions I've started making more and more friends. It's so much fun meeting up with everyone to take photos and ask how you made certain pieces of your costume. Turns out I even liked the new red carpet they added to the event. When I first saw it on Friday when we picked up our wristbands I was like "ummm seriously this is it?" but after seeing it in action I think it's a great way for people to snap a photo and not feel like they're holding up a line or blocking an entrance. I still stopped for photos throughout the whole building, but the red carpet was a cool meeting area for all the cosplayers to get together.

After getting home and taking off all the makeup and putting comfy clothes on, I started searching for everyone's photos. I found quite a few of me dressed as both characters! Saw a lot of Arwen I think because there weren't as many people dressed up on Sunday. The highlight for me was being interviewed for the CBS Dallas News. I was also picked for the Jack FM Slideshow, Dallas Observer Slideshow Part One and Part Two (twice) and made it on the Top 15 Best Costumes list! I didn't win the costume contest, but my good friends got best in show for their Jurassic Park creation!

Here are some shots of my costumes:

I will post a few of my pics after the cut below, but since there were so many (over 200!) I decided to upload them onto my Flickr account. So be sure and them out and let me know who's costume you liked the most!

Click below for more!!!!!

Here are some of the cards I was given or picked up. The bottom left is my VIP Jump Card to get to the front of the autograph lines, and the bottom right is my blog card I made to give out!

Billy Boyd - "Pippin" - signed my photo! He asked me about the tattoo on my chest .. Guess I didn't cover it up well enough lol :P

Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd's autograph!

This was the swag I picked up from the con. I also got a TON of posters from BigFanBoy's freebie room that you can see here.

FBI badges of Sam and Dean from Supernatural. I am going to a Supernatural convention later this year and might dress up as an FBI agent so I figured these would be cool to have :)

This guy caught my eye at one of the tables in the dealers room. He was only $6 and sparkles!

Huge special thanks to Payton for this amazing fairy from the Legend of Zelda. We both have dressed up as Princess Zelda before so we share a major love for the game. I was overjoyed when she gave me this and can't wait to display it next to my Skyward Sword harp!

You can view all my pics on my Flickr!

Which costume was your favorite?
Who do you think they will announce for Comic Con in May?
Any suggestions on what I should dress up as?


  1. Sounds like you had a blast! I love your card! Very snazzy!

    And you're a verrrry talented cosplayer =)

  2. It was good seeing you both days, loved both costumes, and it was nice meeting your mother. Hope to see you in May at Dallas Comic Con.

  3. Thanx for sharing! You always have great posting! Your site is a great and positive place! All the best

  4. Poor Navi. I know she was annoying, but she just trying to help.

  5. Putting on a costume is easy. Carrying off two different styles with great success takes talent. You look amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at the next event.

  6. Your costumes both looked so great and it seems like everyone who went had so much fun!! I'm sad I wasn't able to make it. I'm not going to a con again until A-Kon! :( Maybe next year I'll make it down :)

    1. Mia we will definitely hang out at A-Kon! I got my ticket for that in December... Prices get so high if you wait too long. Do you know what you'll dress up as?

  7. Amazing cosplay! Your Asajj makeup is incredible! I was shocked when I saw that first pic of you in the makeup. You did such a wonderful job on the costumes as well! So cool that you got to meet all those people and be interviewed on the news too!

  8. Holy Moly you are talented. That Asajj Ventress costume is unbelievable. SO rad that you got to meet Christopher Lloyd.

  9. OMG.. can't wait to see pics of the Supernatural con! *__*
    AND you look amazing in that dress. <33 love love love >___<


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