Sunday, March 3, 2013

Princess of the Nerds: My Room, Art, and EQ2 Loot

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A few weekends ago I had a lot of energy and decided to finish decorating my computer area. I had a few things up but knew there were a lot of posters still under my bed. I also have been meaning to showcase my new monitor that I got for my laptop. I play EverQuest 2 on a Sony Vaio F Series and purchased a Samsung 23"LED monitor along with a Logitech keyboard. I originally bought a nice Razer gaming keyboard but the keys were so loud so I went with a simple Logitech for now. I also use a Razer Kraken headset (seen in my previous post) to go with my Razer Naga mouse. My other computer is a 21" Mac desktop and my iPhone and iPad can be seen in the middle. 
Do you think I leveled up my computer nerd status?

If you follow my Facebook page then you saw this pic of my Warm Bodies t shirt. I got this in the freebie room at Sci Fi Expo and forgot to include it in that post!

This is the photo I sent in for the King of the Nerds casting call! I included a pretty cool (I think I sounded cool) bio and a link to my blog. The show is very entertaining, and I think it looks fun! One big thing on my bucket list (I should post that someday) is to be on a reality show. Amazing Race would be my first choice, but I think I'd have a pretty good shot at the $100,000 prize on King of the Nerds! I hope I get picked for the second season!
These photos have gone a bit viral lately, and I just had to give it a try. The app is imadeface and it lets you pick from a variety of facial features to mimic your own. I'm not sure mine looks like me, but I've seen some that look just like the person! Pretty fun and it's free.

For Christmas I received some amazing new art supplies. I would love to get better at drawing and painting so I picked up some 'manga for beginners' books. This is literally my first try at it so I realize there's a lot of room for improvement. But it was the first page of the book so it was a good place to start. I hope to post more of my progress as an artist soon.

This was a gnarly robe upgrade for my necromancer on EQ2 the other day. About 5 or 6 of us from my guild (Carpe Diem) raid with a group called Brimstone Alliance three nights a week. Lately I haven't won too many new items so I was pretty excited when I won this new robe. It dropped off Drinal in Harrow's End after doing two soulwells! I'd like to add that we killed him flawlessly! That means no one in our raid died the whole fight! Woot!

And here's a picture of my character Audeley. You get to wear appearance gear in this game so you can keep your stats from your fighting gear but change up how it looks. I change my outfits a lot.. I'm a glitzy geek remember? Usually I'm some shade of pink or purple, but for now I am green and cloverly to celebrate Brew Day (or St. Patrick's Day.)


I've done some other cool stuff lately that I am excited to put into another blog post so come back soon for that update. This was a pretty geeky post that I'm super proud of! I love my room and computer area and of course you know I love to play EverQuest 2. It will be cool to see if I hear back from King of the Nerds when they start casting. And maybe when I get better at drawing I can create my own manga. I feel like a "Princess of the Nerds" now!

What kind of computer do you use?
Which reality show would you want to be on?
Is there any talent or hobby you'd like to get better at?


  1. If you get picked for the reality show, plz don't use me as a "phone a friend." I'd go on Amazing Race with you. Since I'm computer challenged all your gear and gaming is gnarly.

    1. You would be pretty handy during Cash Cab .. You know lots of trivia! Let's send in a tape for Amazing Race :P

  2. Real talk, I just finished editing my video audition for American Ninja Warrior. I went to the tryouts last year but didn't get to go on. Hopefully, this year, I at least get to do that.

    1. Holy cow!! No way!! That's so stinkin' cool!! That show is incredible. I sure hope you get to go on it!! Please let me know if you do! Good Luck!

    2. Thanks. Now I'm just anxious to see if I get a reply. It could be until April or May before I hear anything. Here's the link to the audition video if you wanted to check that out.

    3. I hate how long the wait can be before you hear back! King of the Nerds season 2 won't be until 2014. After watching your video there is no way they won't pick you! You're like a superhero! How'd you do that many chin ups?!?!

    4. Oh geez, guess I don't have anything to complain about then. I do hope you make it though; that'd be pretty flipping cool. And honestly, I don't know how I do it. Starting doing that stuff over a year and a half ago and couldn't do near as much, but I just do that over and over. But anywho, here's hoping we both make it to our respective shows.

  3. Love that Warm Bodies tee! <3

    1. I loved the movie!! I was excited to get a free shirt!

  4. i have no idea how i made it here but i am glad it all worked out.

    God Damn girl you gorgeous...

    to bad you didn't make it on King Of The Nerds.. you put Danielle to shame. Hopefully next time :)

    Go Canada.. sent all the way from Niagara Falls

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