Sunday, April 7, 2013

Window Shopping: Michael's & Macy's

Last week was really exciting for me! I got to go to Disney World! If you follow my Facebook or Instagram then you may have seen a few photos from my trip! I have a TON of pics to sort through, but I will get a blog post up as soon as I can.

In the mean time, I had taken these pics a few weeks ago while at Michael's and Macy's. It's fun to browse and look for cute things. Michael's is just a craft/hobby store but sometimes you can find house decorations for a reasonable price.

The store employee next me said he loves giving these tigers a high five when he walks by! :P

I was amazed at all the cool fantasy figures!


A pegasus!

More dragons! They also had Kings, Queens, and Knights. Would be fun to use these for a table top game. Or just to decorate a shelf :P 

The other side of Michael's had a lot of Easter/Spring decorations.

I loved how magical it all looked. Like it could be straight out of a fairy tale!

This Betsey Johnson necklace has been at Macy's the last few times I've walked through. The big pink heart is so cute! It was kinda pricey, though.

I spotted these Hello Kitty dresses at Macy's in the junior department. I bought the two pink ones!


Where do you like to window shop?
Do you think craft stores have good bargains?


  1. I like to window shop in the cat adoptions area of Petsmart. :)

    (I also like looking at the fish, reptiles, birds, and rodents.)

    1. That's a great place to window shop! It's so hard not to take all the kitties home.

  2. Is that the Michael's Store at Preston in Frisco?

    1. LOL! Nice! I knew I recognized that area. It's my favorite area to clean and stock. I do like high five-ing those tiger cubs!

    2. OMG! That was you!! :D How did you find my blog?? I was looking for paint that day and was sidetracked by those tigers and dragons haha

  3. I bought a tube of those fantasy figures from Michael's last week! I could get lost in there, I always walk in coming out with way more than I intended, haha.

    1. How fun! That's so cool you bought some!! I know next time I'm there I'm going to pick out a dragon or two.

  4. Too many nice things to buy. Those dragon figures look rad.


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