Monday, May 20, 2013

Dallas Comic Con 2013

I had been counting down the days to the Dallas Comic Con since their last convention (Sci Fi Expo) in February! This marked my year anniversary of going to comic conventions and doing cosplay. It's hard to believe that the weekend has come and gone now. I had an AMAZING time and met so many nice people! It was great running into friends from past conventions, too, and seeing their new costumes. I went with my mom and together we took over 300 photos. This will be a major post so slow computers beware! Lots of pictures ahead! If you don't see your picture in this post then check out my Facebook album with ALL my pics from the weekend.

 My cosplay's for the weekend included Princess Zelda on Friday, Fiona from Shrek on Saturday and Evil Mary Marvel on Sunday. This is a glimpse at the night before the convention getting all my props together!

We decided to get there early all three days. I am glad we did because the lines were long!

I am thankful we purchased VIP wristbands so we could get in early. They are expensive but definitely worth it so you don't melt in the heat and humidity outside.

This is my Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword cosplay. I decided not to wear the sailcloth because it unsnaps too often.

This girl made a beautiful Zelda from Twilight Princess! All we need now is a Link!

Inside the vendor's room.

The line for the escalator was ridiculous. I think this was taken on Friday.. It was 100 times worse on Saturday. It's probably time for DCC to upgrade to a larger convention hall.

Who ya gonna call?? Ghostbusters!

Jurassic Park!

And the DeLorean from Back to The Future!

I saw this amazing comic book dress and just had to get pic! She said she hand made it herself! And check out that awesome Captain Mal costume, too! It's too bad Nathan Fillion had to cancel his appearance.

The only full Q&A I got to see was Jason David Frank. He is the Green Ranger from Power Rangers. It was his 10th anniversary with his wife who joined him at the convention. Aww! He was really funny and had some great stories. He even did a few kicks for the crowd.

Another memorable moment was seeing William Shatner at his Q&A panel. We stood at the back because the room was pretty full and just wanted to get a glimpse of him.

Nearly every costume I've worn has a pic next to Sheldon. He's so cute :p

For Saturday I woke up at 6 am to begin working on Fiona. The body paint took me about 2 hours to complete. I was VERY impressed with the quality of this makeup. I used Paradise by Mehron. It lasted ALL DAY!

Pixie was sleeping most of the time, but I had to get one picture of her and pretend she was Puss In Boots! "Fear me... If you dare!"

Great picture outside the front of the convention! It was really windy all weekend.

Don't worry Doctor Who.. I got this!

Awesome Stargate photo setup.
This guy was dressed as Gideon from Scott Pilgrim vs The World and he had a Scott Pilgrim TATTOO ON HIS HAND!! SOOO COOL!!

Allen Christian shared an awesome drawing of me as my Asajj Ventress a few months ago, and when I saw him at the convention this weekend he gave me the original sketch!! I am so amazed and thankful!
A few times throughout the weekend I was interviewed by different media outlets. I get kinda giddy and sound silly, but I think it's so cool to see the videos! Here are a couple I've found:

Some people from Verizon told me about a costume contest they were holding on Twitter. All you had to do was tweet a pic of your costume with the hashtag SHAREVZ and they would pick a winner! Well I was one they selected! I won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!! This was great because I didn't place at all in official Comic Con contest. I was a little disappointed that they moved it to a smaller room this time, too. I wish I could have watched my friends on stage and cheer them on, but I was stuck in a lonely hallway the whole time. Hopefully next time it will be back in the large room.

For Sunday, I was Evil Mary Marvel. This was my first time getting to do a comic character! I am so glad the green makeup washed off easily. lol

Me with Brandon as a Sith Lord. I love the girl behind us that photobombed the pic!

I was really excited to purchase some art from local artists this time. After looking through the (huge) list of attending artists I knew I wanted to grab a couple pieces from some. This was Matthew Warlick's table in the Artist Room. He had a lot of great prints and is a fantastic artist! 

We had to get some fun pics in my Mary Marvel outfit!

Photo Credit: Marc Levenson via Facebook
 I also purchased a piece by Jessica Grundy. I am so bummed I didn't get a photo with her. But I did purchase one of her limited edition prints. :)

 I was able to get John Romita Jr.'s autograph on two different Kick Ass 2 posters.

And finally, after drooling over him from a distance, I decided to get Brandon Routh's autograph. He played Todd (evil ex #3) in Scott Pilgrim vs World. I told him my very first cosplay was Ramona Flowers!

So these are all the awesome goodies I picked up from the weekend. I got a few other posters from the Freebie Room, but there were too many to get pics of.

Here are some links to other photo albums I have found that have amazing pictures from the weekend:

If you would like me to add your photo album link to the list let me know in the comments!


Did you attend Dallas Comic Con?
What was your favorite costume?
Did you get any celebrity or artist's autograph?


  1. VERY COOL!!! I loved seeing you again! Great pics!

    1. Thanks! It was SO good to see you, too!! I loved it when you "scanned" me and checked my vitals LOL

  2. So awesome! It looks like you had a fab time, I love all your costumes. :D

    1. It was a blast! Definitely a fun weekend! Thank you!

  3. Haha... chimichangas!

    What amazing costumes! It's a bummer about the official contest, but that's great that you won the Verizon one! Congratulations!

    1. I can't believe I said chimichangas in that video lol .. But it was the first thing that came to my head! I didn't prepare to be interviewed lol. And thanks!

  4. BEST POST!!! I love all your costumes. That Fiona one blows my mind every time I look at it. Your makeup was flawless. You totally deserved to win that tablet. I love that you met evil ex #3 very jealous. And You scored some mega rad stuff as well.

    1. Thank you!! The makeup lasted ALL DAY. I was so impressed. I didn't think I would get any autographs this time, but I am so glad I did.

  5. whoa...i love your hair as a brunette and your costumes are awesome. i hope i can go next year. which should be much easier since we're moving to dfw

    1. Hehe thanks! I like having dark hair, too. But I don't think I could ever dye my own brown. Wigs are great! That's so cool you'll be moving to DFW! You will have to go to Comic Con then! :)

  6. Looks like it was a pretty sweet weekend. You came away with some cool pics and goodies. The Fiona costume was better than I imagined, I'll probably use that makeup for a future costume. Hopefully, I'll be at A-kon and see you there.

    1. I had a great time! I was surprised by my Fiona, too. I was just glad people recognized the character. And definitely check out that makeup. It took me a couple layers to cover my tattoos, but it didn't rubbed off! See ya A-Kon!!!

  7. Great Fiona
    Please add my album from DCC 2013

  8. Your costumes are AMAZING! I think my favourite is're so talented! I really wish we had comic cons out here in South Africa. It would pretty much make my life!!

  9. Your costumes all look so good. After seeing you in full Fiona gear, I think you'd make a great Amy Pond (because of the red hair). And that's so cool that you won a tablet!

  10. Very nice costumes!! ... *__* Love you being Mary Marvel. <3

  11. Dani (Sailor Moon)October 4, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Omg I saw you last year and as Zelda and thought you were so pretty. Hope I run into you this year to

  12. OMG!! your cosplay outfits are AMAZING!!!!!! just discovered you...... and now a follower <3


  13. Great costumes! Did you use just 1 of the Paradise paints for the Fiona costume??


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