Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Things #14

I have been so busy lately and so many things have made me happy! I had to delete a few because I had so many pics in this post!

This is my salon Hair by Anna Lee. I decided to get that cute black and white zig zag bench for my salon and move the bulky shelf to another wall. I love having more seating for my clients.

Speaking of hair.. I bleached mine again the other day and toned it with some purple conditioner. It is looking very platinum!

My kitty Pixie had to have surgery on her front paws. You can read about her injuries here. We went ahead with the surgery because she just wasn't healing on her own. But now she will be a happy kitty!

I am addicted to the mystery bags of My Little Pony. You never know which one you'll get so I buy a bag any time I see them. I was SO HAPPY to find Barber Groomsby this time!! He has a scissor and comb cutie mark and barber pole colored bow tie. I put him on my station at my salon! So perfect!

Kat Von D released this new palette called Lady Bird .. It's a matte set and I am in loveeee with it.

Recently Groupon had comic book headphones on sale for only $8. I got the Green Lantern for my mom and the Flash for me. This was my first time buying anything from Groupon and they arrived very quickly!

Last night I saw Jimmy Buffet in concert! And on my way back to the car I found this coconut bra on the ground. No one was around to claim so I figured it was meant for me :P  Now my mannequin is in Margaritaville.

There was an update on EverQuest 2 with some new content added. This is the boss Volot in the Siren's Grotto. He is hilarious.. he'll summon a million little frogs to attack you. I won, of course. ;)

I've been on a search for macarons for awhile and never found any in town. I finally got to try some in Houston once. But the other day at the mall I saw this little kiosk that had cake balls and french macarons! I just squealed!! The raspberry one was delicious!

And finally, here's an update on my Fiona cosplay. I made the ears and finished the axe!! I decided to remake the shirt because the first one was really uncomfortable. I think I am just about done with it and hope to get some finished photos soon.


Anything make you squeal with happiness in your life lately?


  1. I don't squeal, but I laughed with happiness earlier tonight when I scored 1,444 points on one word in Wordfeud (Scrabble for the phone). You can play on boards where the bonus tiles are randomly placed, and I found a nice run of tiles all next to each other. It was the first word of the game too!

    I've been waiting for you to do another Happy Things post, so I could share this picture with you. This album comes up on my Pandora sometimes when I'm in a relaxing mood. The picture on the album cover always makes me smile. The turtle looks so content.

    Also, I love your updates! You and your salon both look great! I hope that Pixie is doing well and has a speedy recovery. Boss Gorot looks cool! Frogs are the best.

  2. Those headphones look pretty sweet. I'm looking for some inexpensive over-the-ear ones since my old ones broke a little while ago.

    I don't know if I would say squeal, more like full-blown shout(and sorry I forgot to tell you), but I got my call from American Ninja Warrior! Only that it's in 2 weeks, will have to drive to Denver, and I'll miss DCC, guess I gotta follow my heart. Your axe is awesome though! Sorry I'm gonna miss your Fiona costume

    1. Congratulations! That's really awesome!

    2. Woohoo!! I am so excited for you Joey! That's great you get to go! Will this just be an audition or filming an actual episode? Either way, I am so stoked for ya! Do tell how it goes when you get back.

  3. I hope Pixie is going ok. Such a brave kitty.
    You headphones look rad. And speaking of rad THAT AXE!!! HOLY MOLY!!! You've done such a great job. I am so excited for this costume.

  4. Love those headphones and your Fiona costume looks so super cool:)

  5. So glad Pixie is home now! Your Fiona cosplay is coming along great! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  6. have cool tattoos ! would you ever blog about them and what they mean to you ?
    anyway..thanx for everything you do!
    have fun at dallas comic con next week !

  7. LOL ... my kids (yes even the older ones) love My Little Pony.

    We have Brony's in our house too.


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