Thursday, May 2, 2013

Makeup Tutorial: Wonder Woman Inspired

Late one night I had a burst of energy to do my makeup. No place to go - just wanted to try something new. So I felt inspired to use themes from superheroes. I decided to start with Wonder Woman!
This is a simple tutorial on how to create a look based on Wonder Woman's colors. 
I plan to do more makeup looks inspired by other superheroes and comic books, too!

For the eyes I used the edge of a kleenex to make the blue a straight wing. Then I added the red and finally the gold. After that I went back with white eyeshadow to blend the edges of those 3 main colors. Add some eyeliner, mascara, and glitter and you're done!

Since I did this randomly at night I didn't fix up my hair. But to channel Wonder Woman try using rollers or a large barrel curling iron to get a voluminous look.

For my lips I used a reddish gloss as a base. Then I lined them with my red eyeshadow using a skinny brush and dabbed on gold eyeshadow in the center with my a finger. The eyeshadows stick to the gloss great.. just be sure to blend well.

Here's a peek at what I used. The gold, blue, and white shadows were by Kat Von D and the red was MAC's loose pigment. The gloss was by Urban Decay and the glitter liner is Sephora brand. I did my skin with my basic routine found in this tutorial except I added more gold to my cheeks here.


I would love to spend more time recreating this look again. And get proper photos, too. But I was pleased with my first attempt at it!

Has a superhero ever inspired your makeup or outfit?
Who would you like me to make a tutorial for next?


  1. It looks so fantastic. So bright and really makes me think of Wonder Woman.

  2. It looks really good.
    Often superheros and movie characters inspired me. Maybe next time, you make a Red Sonja or Wolverine inspired make up.

  3. Gorgeous! I'll have to try this for my Halloween costume :)

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