Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest Favs

Here are a few of my favorite pins/likes I've added to my Pinterest recently! Anyone else have a Pinterest board? I am totally addicted to it! It's so handy and is such a great way to organize things.

I loved this idea! It's Sailor Moon Link!

And this is kinda Sailor Moon-ish, too. I want to rock some hair buns! 
This is Kat Von D .. I think she made mixing up your eyeshadows look pretty cool.

Loved this print by Simone Legno! They are kinda pricey, but I might just have to order one someday. 

Does this dress remind anyone else of Rainbow Dash's Gala dress? I love it!

And finally, these just made my mouth water! I've recently discovered that I love avocados! And these avocado egg rolls with creamy cilantro ranch dip would be great for a movie night. Here's the recipe!


Post your Pinterest link in a comment so I can follow!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Star Wars LegoLand Exhibit

I was so honored to be invited to join the local 501st for the new Star Wars MiniLand exhibit at the LegoLand in Grapevine, Tx! I am not a full member of the 501st yet, but was super excited to troop with them at this grand opening. The exhibit itself was pretty cool! I had never been to LegoLand before, and the whole place was awesome!!

(Be sure to click on each photo to view it bigger)

I wore my Asajj Ventress costume!

Those guys up top were made out of Legos! Everything was! And they even lit up!

Most of the exhibit had buttons you could push to activate scenes from Star Wars.

This was amazing .. it was a picture made out of (yep, you guessed it) LEGOs!!

These were some of the members of the 501st here in Dallas. It was fun greeting kids and have photos taken with them.

Asajj has a "glitzy" side, too.. and wanted to be a pretty princess when no one was looking ... hahaha

This thing was so cool .. You spin it around and it played music!

They had a whole Dallas exhibit, too. I was just in awe of it all.

Cowboys Stadium

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

And that's Dirk Nowitzki made out of Legos!

More members of the 501st. How awesome is that wookie? That's Tarfful

This is probably my favorite photo.. it looks straight out of a movie :)

Members of the Rebel Legion were there, too. It was so much fun talking Star Wars with everyone!

I am very thankful I was able to attend this event and make new friends! Hopefully I can become a full time member of the 501st if my Asajj gets accepted. They do all sorts of charity events and other kinds activities. Definitely check them out!


Have you ever been to a LegoLand before?
Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Things #15

June makes me happy! So do all these things:

I found this beautiful shot of my Sailor Venus cosplay on Instagram taken by @victoriahavens! I remember sitting down to take a break and having a few people ask for my photo like that. The scenery at this hotel was really pretty :)

June 7 was National Donut Day .. So my dad surprised me with some Dunkin Donuts at work! Yum!

I posted this on my Instagram (@glitzygeekgirl) for the Tarina Tarantino contest.. You just had to show off some of your TT bling. I didn't win, but it was fun putting some of my favorite sparkly pieces on.

It wouldn't be a Happy Things post without the happiest kitty of all!

Oh Pixie you are so lazy!

This is a *before* picture showing what my hair looks like when I blow dry it without a brush. It's a huge frizzy mess!

So this is a much happier *after* picture! Thank goodness for flat irons!

And one day I used my large curling iron. It melted part of my countertop, but did a really nice job on my hair :p 

This was my outfit for the Man of Steel midnight showing.

I got to see it in 3D! The movie was really good! I can't wait for the sequel. Henry Cavill is a perfect Superman!

Baseball is my favorite sport, and I love going to the local stadium to support our team!!

I am super happy to announce one of the cosplays I am working on - Legolas! After watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer a million times, I just knew I had to create Legolas. I'd been wanting to for awhile and now I am finally doing it! I already got the leaf brooch and a bow in the mail, too! I will post some progress pictures once I get more done.

I wore this outfit a few days ago to work. It didn't exactly match, but I'm kinda quirky like that. It's my Bazinga! shirt, a black dress, and blue jeans ... Quirky, huh!

Today I picked up my free piece of chocolate from Godiva. You get a free piece each month when you become a member! This flavor was Mint Chocolate Chip and it was AMAZING!

While at the mall, I found this cutie! Her name of Muffin! She has a clip on her so I can attach her to my backpack. I also spent a quarter in a toy machine hoping I'd get the pink die and I did! Woot!

My next happy thing makes me SO happy! It's Animal Crossing: New Leaf! This is for the Nintendo 3DS. I got the XL version that has a larger screen. This game IS SO MUCH FUN!! Even Pixie loves it!

If you haven't played this before, then be warned! It's addicting! You get to be the mayor of your own town. It's fun because there is ALWAYS something to do. You can decorate, talk to friends, go shopping, play mini games, fish, catch bugs.. and I am sure so much more that I haven't got to yet! Today I even went by Best Buy and downloaded the free present available through their WiFi! 
My friend code is 3840-6126-6273 if you would like to add me! Be sure to leave your friend code in the comments so I can add you back!


This post was longer than I intended, but so much has made me happy lately!

What has put a smile on your face?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013

This year Free Comic Book Day fell on May 4th which is also Star Wars Day!
So this was an epic Saturday to say the least. I was able to celebrate both since I have my own salon now. I wore a Star Wars t-shirt that I bought while at Disney World, and I was able to visit Lone Star Comics on my lunch break! It was a super cool day!

They held a costume contest at the store, and this girl looked so awesome!

I tried wearing Leia buns, too!

At this location, you got to pick out three different comics! It was hard deciding which ones to get. But I love the ones I picked!


Did you pick up your free comics at your local comic store?
What are some of your favorite comics?
Did you go see Man of Steel today?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Concert Overload

So I am a little behind on blogging about all the concerts I got to see recently! Last one I blogged about was Muse. But I got to go to three more since then! First up was EdgeFest!

This was my outfit for EdgeFest. Since it is an outdoor festival I was ready for it to be hot.

And boy was it hot! I got a pretty bad sunburn.

This is the view from my seat. I don't stand in the crowd anymore because it gets too sweaty and gross.

This guy sat in front of me and people kept asking for photos with him. I finally asked my neighbor and she said he is the lead singer for Youngblood Hawke!

I was most excited to see The Gaslight Anthem. They are definitely one of my all time favorite bands ever. I saw them once in a smaller venue and was excited to see them again at EdgeFest. Unfortunately, they didn't play too well. Or maybe they did, but I couldn't hear them at all. I was bummed. But do check out their music anyway, because they really are a great band!

The second band I was most excited to see was Paramore! I am a really big fan of theirs. I also got to see them a long time ago with Jimmy Eat World. That was an amazing show. And this concert was great, too. They played awesome and I already knew all the words to the songs from their new album! 

Next concert was.....

Jimmy Buffett! You wouldn't believe it from these pictures but it was literally THE NEXT WEEKEND after EdgeFest. IT WAS SO COLD! That's Texas weather for ya, I guess. I looked stupid all bundled up when everyone around me was wearing hula skirts and coconut bras, but when the sun went down it was freezing cold! Then everyone wished they had bundled up like me.

This place was packed. It was also at the same venue as EdgeFest.

Jimmy Buffett was on my Dad's list of concerts he has always wanted to see. I am so glad I got to go with him!

On the way back to our car I found a lonely coconut bra. So I had to take it home with me!

I think it looks great :D

And the next concert was.......

The Killers! This band was on my Mom's list! It was at the Verizon Theatre. I had never been to a concert there before, and I was really impressed with the place.

I found this awesome couch in the lounge room, too!

We had great seats and the sound was amazing. The vibe of this show was incredible. And the lead singer was SO CUTE.

During the show they shot confetti at the crowd. On Twitter, the band said that somewhere in the confetti are two "golden tickets" ... If you find one bring it to the sound guy in the back and you get to win an AWESOME prize!

We looked and looked but didn't find a golden ticket. It was still so much fun!


I don't have any more concerts planned at the moment. Someday I would like to see No Doubt, Florence + The Machine, and Mumford & Sons. I like music that I can sing along with :)

What band would you like to see in concert?

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