Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Things #15

June makes me happy! So do all these things:

I found this beautiful shot of my Sailor Venus cosplay on Instagram taken by @victoriahavens! I remember sitting down to take a break and having a few people ask for my photo like that. The scenery at this hotel was really pretty :)

June 7 was National Donut Day .. So my dad surprised me with some Dunkin Donuts at work! Yum!

I posted this on my Instagram (@glitzygeekgirl) for the Tarina Tarantino contest.. You just had to show off some of your TT bling. I didn't win, but it was fun putting some of my favorite sparkly pieces on.

It wouldn't be a Happy Things post without the happiest kitty of all!

Oh Pixie you are so lazy!

This is a *before* picture showing what my hair looks like when I blow dry it without a brush. It's a huge frizzy mess!

So this is a much happier *after* picture! Thank goodness for flat irons!

And one day I used my large curling iron. It melted part of my countertop, but did a really nice job on my hair :p 

This was my outfit for the Man of Steel midnight showing.

I got to see it in 3D! The movie was really good! I can't wait for the sequel. Henry Cavill is a perfect Superman!

Baseball is my favorite sport, and I love going to the local stadium to support our team!!

I am super happy to announce one of the cosplays I am working on - Legolas! After watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug trailer a million times, I just knew I had to create Legolas. I'd been wanting to for awhile and now I am finally doing it! I already got the leaf brooch and a bow in the mail, too! I will post some progress pictures once I get more done.

I wore this outfit a few days ago to work. It didn't exactly match, but I'm kinda quirky like that. It's my Bazinga! shirt, a black dress, and blue jeans ... Quirky, huh!

Today I picked up my free piece of chocolate from Godiva. You get a free piece each month when you become a member! This flavor was Mint Chocolate Chip and it was AMAZING!

While at the mall, I found this cutie! Her name of Muffin! She has a clip on her so I can attach her to my backpack. I also spent a quarter in a toy machine hoping I'd get the pink die and I did! Woot!

My next happy thing makes me SO happy! It's Animal Crossing: New Leaf! This is for the Nintendo 3DS. I got the XL version that has a larger screen. This game IS SO MUCH FUN!! Even Pixie loves it!

If you haven't played this before, then be warned! It's addicting! You get to be the mayor of your own town. It's fun because there is ALWAYS something to do. You can decorate, talk to friends, go shopping, play mini games, fish, catch bugs.. and I am sure so much more that I haven't got to yet! Today I even went by Best Buy and downloaded the free present available through their WiFi! 
My friend code is 3840-6126-6273 if you would like to add me! Be sure to leave your friend code in the comments so I can add you back!


This post was longer than I intended, but so much has made me happy lately!

What has put a smile on your face?


  1. I freaking LOVE Animal Crossing!
    Now I HAVE to get a 3DS!

  2. I CAN NOT WAIT to see your Legolas cospaly. Your going to look so cool. I can't wait to see how you make it all. And that pic of you as the sailor is so pretty :)

  3. Love the instashot! My husband and I met at the Anatole and spend our anniversary there every year. It's so beautiful and I love seeing all the amazing cosplay photos from A-KON in it's gorgeous scenery.

    Also, EEEEEE ROUGH RIDERS! We got to go to a game earlier this season. I'm hoping we can make it to a Rangers game before the summer is through.

    And finally HOBBIT!! Definitely hitting it up in IMAX 3D at Midnight on opening day. I can't wait!


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