Friday, June 28, 2013

Pinterest Favs

Here are a few of my favorite pins/likes I've added to my Pinterest recently! Anyone else have a Pinterest board? I am totally addicted to it! It's so handy and is such a great way to organize things.

I loved this idea! It's Sailor Moon Link!

And this is kinda Sailor Moon-ish, too. I want to rock some hair buns! 
This is Kat Von D .. I think she made mixing up your eyeshadows look pretty cool.

Loved this print by Simone Legno! They are kinda pricey, but I might just have to order one someday. 

Does this dress remind anyone else of Rainbow Dash's Gala dress? I love it!

And finally, these just made my mouth water! I've recently discovered that I love avocados! And these avocado egg rolls with creamy cilantro ranch dip would be great for a movie night. Here's the recipe!


Post your Pinterest link in a comment so I can follow!


  1. May I recommend the Avocado Eggrolls at the Cheesecake Factory?

  2. Really good pins, but I haven't a Pinterest board.

    Sailor Moon and Link... ★Sailor Link or Linky Moon ★ That's just awesome. ♥ XD

    I'm in love with this pink-white hair buns. It looks so cute! I hope I can make it with my hair, too.

    Lovely Greetings ♡

  3. The Pink hair one is like a edgy version of Sailor ChibiMoon! And the dress doe look like Dash's gala dress!
    Gotta love the Link/Sailor Moon mash up!

  4. Pinterest is THE place to find great ideas or just dream. One mistake I made was not setting up my boards better. Now there is no way I could ever put them into more relevant categories. Plus, sometimes one pic could be on diff boards: hair/makeup/accessories.

    Your boards are amazing. Wanna clean up my board? LOL


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