Sunday, June 23, 2013

Star Wars LegoLand Exhibit

I was so honored to be invited to join the local 501st for the new Star Wars MiniLand exhibit at the LegoLand in Grapevine, Tx! I am not a full member of the 501st yet, but was super excited to troop with them at this grand opening. The exhibit itself was pretty cool! I had never been to LegoLand before, and the whole place was awesome!!

(Be sure to click on each photo to view it bigger)

I wore my Asajj Ventress costume!

Those guys up top were made out of Legos! Everything was! And they even lit up!

Most of the exhibit had buttons you could push to activate scenes from Star Wars.

This was amazing .. it was a picture made out of (yep, you guessed it) LEGOs!!

These were some of the members of the 501st here in Dallas. It was fun greeting kids and have photos taken with them.

Asajj has a "glitzy" side, too.. and wanted to be a pretty princess when no one was looking ... hahaha

This thing was so cool .. You spin it around and it played music!

They had a whole Dallas exhibit, too. I was just in awe of it all.

Cowboys Stadium

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

And that's Dirk Nowitzki made out of Legos!

More members of the 501st. How awesome is that wookie? That's Tarfful

This is probably my favorite photo.. it looks straight out of a movie :)

Members of the Rebel Legion were there, too. It was so much fun talking Star Wars with everyone!

I am very thankful I was able to attend this event and make new friends! Hopefully I can become a full time member of the 501st if my Asajj gets accepted. They do all sorts of charity events and other kinds activities. Definitely check them out!


Have you ever been to a LegoLand before?
Do you have a favorite Star Wars character?


  1. You are soo lucky! No wonder you got invited. your costume looks fantastic!!!!! I wish we had a Legoland in Australia.

  2. Have not been, but may have to go soon. When did this happen? I would have loved to have been there on opening day!

  3. That's cool to see you there with so many other awesome costumes! Seeing all of you guys dressed for Star Wars with Star Wars backgrounds really makes you look like part of the Star Wars universe. (Three Star Wars in one sentence! Yikes!)

    I've never been to a Legoland.
    Obi Wan Kenobi is probably my favorite Star Wars character. Darth Maul was my favorite Star Wars villain. It was a big mistake to kill him off so quickly, even if they tried to undo their mistake much much later to try to cash in on his popularity.

  4. NICE!! It's been on my agenda to join the 501st for years, but money has been too tight for me to throw down $600+ on the armor I want. Hopefully soon though. We did a lot of colab with them in my Star Trek cosplay group. Dallas has a wonderful 501st chapter. Also, TOTALLY JEALOUS! LEGO Land looks like so much fun!! Is this at the one in Grapevine?

  5. look amazing! And that whole day looks amazing actually!!


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