Thursday, July 18, 2013

Houston Road Trip: Video Games Live & Galveston Beach

I was so excited to take a road trip down to Houston, Tx to see my family and watch the Video Games Live concert! We also took a day trip down to Galveston, Tx to see the beach!

So long, Dallas!

In the car, I listened to Paramore, Metric, and The Killers.

Hello, Houston!

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The night we arrived in Houston we went to see Video Games Live. I had seen the Zelda Symphony (see my post about it here), but this concert had a wider range of music from all sorts of games.

There were a lot of cosplayers in attendance, and they a held a contest before the show. I was clapping for Cloud and Sheik, but Mario and Luigi won. They had a really cool sound guy with them that made Mario noises as they moved.

Some of the audience got to go on stage and play Super Smash Bros

My favorite part of the whole concert was the guy that won the Guitar Hero contest. He went on stage and played the Foo Fighters song The Pretender on Expert level and scored 99%!!! He was truly amazing to watch!

After the concert, I was so excited to be a "fan" and get my photos with the cosplayers. Part of me missed being in a costume myself, but really I had a lot of fun walking around taking pictures!

Assassin Link!

Link helping Luigi tie his shoe lace.. awww

The next day, we drove down to Galveston, Tx to see the beach!

It was supposed to rain that day, but we got lucky and barely missed it.

These are some of the shells I picked up on the beach. I found a really big one, but we think it had a hermit crab in it.. OMG

And this is a souvenir I got at the gift shop.

It was really cool seeing a cruise ship! I have never seen one before and IT WAS HUGE!

Later, we went back to Houston to spend time with my family. This is Rosie!

And this is Beatrix playing "Paint for Cats" on my iPad.. she was really good at it :)

My bro had an awesome photo of a goliath beetle. I was especially excited to see this because it's one of my favorites to catch on Animal Crossing!

On the way to and from Houston, we stopped at a convenience store called Buc-ee's (pronounced 
buckies). It is EPIC! It's seriously the best and coolest place to stop. They have delicious snacks and the restrooms are so clean :P

Here I am with Buc-ee!!

I had a great trip and really enjoyed the concert and the beach. I can't wait to make another trip back soon. 


Have you been on any summer road trips?


  1. Whoa! All the times that I've stopped at a Buc-ee's, and I've never seen Buc-ee himself! That's cool!

    You got some great photos of the concert/symphony! How was the music? What was your favorite song?

  2. I'm not much of a traveler but love reading about your adventures. Galveston has gone through a lot over the years. It's another unique spot along the Texas coast. Love the pic of you with the waves splashing.

    Good to know about clean rest stops with fun stuff and food. A must know on any road trip.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S. - Kitties are cuties!


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