Monday, July 29, 2013

My Cosplay Interviews

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for some pretty cool websites. I had shared these interviews on my Facebook and Twitter, but I don't think I added the links to a post here on my blog. Please check out their sites and give them a follow!

Photo by Bob Sanders

First up is Comic Book Divas. I was able to meet Bob in person a few times at different conventions in town. They always have a booth set up with tshirts and cosplayer photos for sale. Their website offers a news article section, contests, and showcase real women in their comics.

Photo by April Miller

The next interview was done by Zero Fortitude. These guys produce a fun podcast as well as articles to read. They discuss and review a wide range of geek culture from movies to anime to comics. And of course, cosplay!

I feel very honored to be selected by entertainment sites for interviews. I am such a newbie cosplayer, and have so much to learn, but I am grateful my craft has been noticed. So please please check out their sites, follow their podcasts and updates, and show them some love.


On a personal note.. I am going to SOE Live in Las Vegas this week! So be sure to follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for photos while I am there. When I get back in town I will work on a blog post about it. I am so so soooooo excited to hang out with my guild members from EverQuest 2. This convention is going to be a blast.


What geeky websites do you follow for news, updates and interviews?
Anyone going to SOE Live?


  1. Thanks for linking to the interviews! It's so interesting to hear more about your cosplay experiences. It's great that you were selected to be interviewed for these pieces, and hopefully there will be more to come.

    Enjoy SOE Live! I won't be attending, but it should be fun! I'll look forward to the EQ:Next (EQN? What are people calling this?) reveal whenever it becomes available to the general public, but I'm excited that you'll get to see it live and in person. I don't know how far along in development it is, but maybe they'll even have live demos that you can play while you're there.

  2. Congratulations!!!! They are both great interviews. Can't wait to see your Ashe cosplay.

  3. Oh, i really like Meeting new folks today! Characterization is that the most significant factor to me furthermore.job interview And extremely get to Stephanie Perkins' books presently, they are superb :) loved the interview!


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