Thursday, July 4, 2013

ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2013

At the last minute I decided to attend the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention. It was June 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas. I only went on Saturday afternoon, but I am so glad I did! It was a blast! My costume for the day was Princess Zelda from Skyward Sword. I wanted to make a Princess Peach outfit, but didn't quite finish it in time. So that will be saved for a later convention. :) This was a smaller event compared to some I've been to in the past. I enjoyed being able to walk around with ease and not be stuck in a huge group of people. There were still plenty there to meet and chat with, too. I saw a few of my friends and met a couple new ones. My favorite part of the convention was the dealer's room and the arcade room. I'm a big gamer girl, and the dealer's room was packed with gaming goodies! I wanted to buy one of everything. Then, downstairs in the arcade room, you could play new and classic games. I had the most fun watching people play Dance Central and my friend, Sean, compete in the Halo 4 tournament. At one point we even sat and played Animal Crossing: New Leaf on our Nintendo 3DS's. I could have stayed at this convention forever!! :D

I wish I could have taken more pictures, but it's just too hard to carry a camera when I am in a costume. But I managed to ask someone if they could snap a photo with my cellphone of me and my friends. This was Sean (Team Fortress 2), me (Skyward Sword), Krystal (Portal 2), Robert (Uncharted) and DesiRee (Borderlands 2).

So the following photos were not taken by me, but I linked the source underneath each set! Be sure to click the links to view all the awesome pics from SGC.

The official SGC albums show a lot of pics from the panels and speaker room. 

I was so honored to have my pic chosen for the cover of the Lifted Geek article. Definitely give it a read!

My friend Laura runs the site Dallas Fan Girl. I love bumping into her at conventions! So glad she snapped this photo since I couldn't take one. Her review of SGC is awesome. Can't wait to see her again :)


These photos by Hybrid Rain came out so good! I love the candid shot of my Zelda.

Samkyo took a lot of great photos, too. I especially loved this last one of the giant banner downstairs. I wanted to take that home with me!


What's your favorite video game?
Do you prefer PC or console gaming?
Have you ever been to a gaming convention?

P.S. I will be posting another giveaway soon! I made some really cool Yoshi eggs that I can't wait to share. So be sure to check back for your chance to win one! ;)

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