Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tutorial: How to make a Yoshi Egg

Tutorial time! How to make a Yoshi Egg!
This is super fun and so cute and great for fans of Mario and Nintendo!

Supplies needed:
Paper mache egg
White paint
Green paint
Red paint
Blue paint
Paint brushes
Satin gloss
A pencil
A cup


Look in the paper mache section at your local craft store for eggs. I found mine at Hobby Lobby. Some were shaped kinda funny so be sure to find one that looks the right size!

Yoshi's eggs come in all different colors. I chose classic green, red and blue, but your options are endless! I want to make a pink one :)

Find something you can set your egg in so it's easier to paint and let dry. Cups and a roll of duct tape worked for me.

Paint as much of the egg as you can, then let it dry in your egg stand.

After the top is dry you can paint the bottom. I gave my eggs two coats of white paint.
Next, I freehanded circles onto the eggs using a pencil. These don't have to be perfect.. Yoshi's egg has small, big and oval shapes on it. Click the photo above to see my circles better.

I gave each circle two coats of paint, too. Pixie loves it!

Finally, brush on some satin gloss to give your egg a shiny finish!

And in my best Mario voice ... "WA-HAAAAAA!"
All done and ready for the giveaway!


  1. Awesome!! I definitely want to make an orange one and a pink one. :)

  2. the picture with pixie the best!

  3. They look so perfect!!! I thought maybe Pixie had laid them.


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