Thursday, August 29, 2013

Going to PAX Prime in Seattle!

Howdy everyone! Just giving a quick little update about where I will be this weekend! I am headed to PAX Prime tomorrow! I won't have time to update my blog while I am away, but I do post a lot on my Instagram.. which happens to be synced with my Facebook and Twitter page. So if you follow any of those you'll be able to see my updates!

This is my first time ever going to PAX Prime and also to Seattle! I won a 4 day badge from Grimm Bros! I've already warned my family that I might not return to Texas because I just know I am going to love Seattle so much ^.^ They've heard me talk about going there for years! So I can't wait to finally check it out. PAX Prime is a huge gaming convention located in downtown Seattle. I hope to explore some cool parts of the city, and also geek out over super awesome games at the con!

Also, for this convention I made a new cosplay! This is Annie from League of Legends! I will be wearing Annie on Saturday. Then on Sunday you can find me dressed up as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I got a new wig for Ramona so I am excited to wear both of these costumes this weekend.

My new wig is from Arda. This is a Greta in Cobalt Blue that I cut and styled myself. My wig for Annie is also from Arda.. it is a Jareth in Raspberry that I also cut and styled.

I won't be bringing my hammer to PAX (since I am flying), but I was having fun with Fiona's battle axe in some pics. :P


Anyone going to PAX Prime?
Have you ever been to Seattle?
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