Monday, September 30, 2013

PAX Prime 2013

To say I had a blast at PAX Prime would be an understatement! I seriously had an amazing time!! This was by far the largest convention I've ever attended. I was lucky to win a badge from Grimm Bros and find a hotel near the convention center last minute. So I felt like a VIP :) It was great walking around downtown Seattle with fellow nerds everywhere you looked. I could definitely see myself living here someday.

Overall, this trip is one for the record books. I went by myself but met up with friends I've met via social media. I got to see so many cool video games and cosplays, and parts of Seattle. I never thought I would get such an amazing opportunity. Once I got home, I was exhausted but also so thankful for everything I had just experienced! So if you ever get the chance to attend a PAX convention DO ITTTTT!

I posted all of my photos on my Facebook so please look through that album because there's a lot in there that I just didn't have room to put in this post.

More photos after the break!!!! >>>

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tutorial: The Quibbler DIY

So this is probably the easiest tutorial ever! But I seriously had so much fun making it! In two weeks I will be cosplaying as Luna Lovegood at Dallas Fan Days... So I made the tabloid from the wizarding world called The Quibbler!

Supplies needed:
Image of a cover of The Quibbler
An old magazine
Glue stick

I found my covers of The Quibbler on Google's image search. There were a few different ones to pick, but I liked the one with the Spectrespecs since I have a pair! I used Photoshop to resize the covers to match the size of my magazine. Then printed them out and cut the white off the sides. Any old magazine will do. I picked one of my dad's sports issues because I liked the size of it. (Which was 8 inches by 10.5 inches)

Be sure to put plenty of glue around the edges and corners of the magazine. Then lay your image on top and smooth out any wrinkles.

Luna reads an article about ancient Runes which required turning it upside down! Also, I ordered my Spectrespecs from the official WBShop.


So there ya go! The easiest Harry Potter craft ever! If you really want to .. you could print off cool pages to glue inside, too! I can't wait to show you my finished Luna Lovegood costume. And I REALLY can't wait to meet Tom Felton at Dallas Fan Days!!!!! :)


Who is your favorite character from Harry Potter?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm Addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the day after it was released and have been addicted to it this whole time! That's like ... months .. MONTHS! It's as bad as those Tamagotchi's when I was a kid.. You gotta check it every day and take care of it and things happen each day or you'll miss it.. It's just so much fun :D Well I wanted to share a post about some of my favorite pieces of art and crafts I've found online!

First off, this is the signature that I made for my account on The Bell Tree Forums. It's such a handy website to use to ask questions, get tips and advice, sell/buy/trade items, and toss decorating ideas around. I am a new member, but I wish I had joined sooner! It's been so helpful.

My signature shows my current villagers as well as my "dreamies." A dreamie is a villager you wish you had! In the game your citizens might decide they want to move out (you can ask your favorites to stay) and then you'll get a new one to move in. Sometimes you can go to someone else's town and ask a villager that's ready to move to come to yours. But people charge a lot to trade the popular villagers. The most popular is probably Julian the Unicorn  .. I have him on my dreamie list, too!

This is my Town Hall and the custom flag I doodled myself! I meant to make a better flag, but this is just so silly/cute I can't seem to want to change it now!

Here I am standing next to Blanche who is an ostrich! She was asleep on a tree stump! lol

This is my favorite project that has been requested to be built so far. The windmill! I am hoping my villagers will request the "fairytale" items soon.

Art by KiruLEL
This is Isabelle the town secretary. Honestly, she does most of the work (even though I'm called the "Mayor")  .. She is awesome and so sweet! I love how excited she gets for town events.

Art by Chrecand
Your character in the game isn't an animal .. You're actually human .. But you get to customize your looks! So this artwork shows someone's view of their mayor. I tend to change my character's hair color and style quite a bit, but so far the purple and blue has been my favorite. So I loved this art! And by using QR codes you can totally customize your clothes, too.

I had seen this art floating around Pinterest and Tumblr quite a bit and was happy to find the original artist. I want to get better at art so I can draw my own character one day.

Etsy store UnicornismMeetsACNL
I think this is such a cute idea!! In the game your villagers will sometimes give you a picture of themselves for your house. It's kind of a big deal to get these. So it'd be really special to make a photo of you favorite villager and actually put it on your desk in real life!

Etsy store SoapyBacon
This is a pattern to crochet Stitches (one of my dreamies!) out of yarn. I know how to crochet but have never made anything besides a scarf, lol ... So would be fun to try making this cutie!

Definitely adding this to my wishlist. Although I wish it were a necklace. Could always put the charms on a longer chain!

Etsy store ShelbyGoad
I don't drink much coffee.. and if I do it's usually an iced drink.. But I still ask for a holder when I go to Starbucks because then my hand doesn't get cold holding the cup! So this koozie is cute because it features Brewster who runs the the cafe called The Roost.


I am so in love with this game! There is just SO much to do in it that I didn't even begin to mention here! I am sure I will post more about it as the seasons change. Because they add new items and events as the year goes on. I also hope to one day make my own Animal Crossing crafts. Maybe I'll host a giveaway, too, for other fans of the game!

Here is my Nintendo 3DS friend code if you would like to add me: 3840-6126-6273
Or you can visit my dream address: 5500-2197-6202

Do you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
Do you have a game that you have been hooked on?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pastel Mermaid Hair

I am back from PAX Prime and can't wait to share my adventure with you! But I took a bajillion photos and I've been so busy catching up at work that I just haven't had time to sort through them. So eventually I will post my Vampire Diaries convention pics and my PAX Prime pics. But for now here is a fun little hair experiment I did yesterday!

I've been watching videos on YouTube about "mermaid hair" and how you can get it for yourself! Most of the videos featured pastel colors and big loose waves.

So I used my Ion Color Brilliance in purple, blue and pink. These are already pastel shades so you don't have to mix them with conditioner to lighten the pigment. However, the blue was kinda bright so I did add a little conditioner for mine.

I just put random chunks in all throughout my hair.

This is what it looked like when I shampooed it out! Be sure to use cooler water so the color lasts longer.

I added some color on top of my bangs which were already a faded blue and pink. So that is why they look a little darker.

This was after I dried it really quick. You can see how subtle and pretty the colors look!

Next I used a curling iron to curl my hair. Even though this has a clamp on it - I used it as a wand. Meaning I just wrapped medium sized sections of my hair around the barrel for a few seconds then let it go.

I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.

This was after I finished curling it all!

Then I brushed it out and hairsprayed it. I wanted it big and messy - like a mermaid!

I just need my hair to be a couple inches longer then I'll really have mermaid hair :)
But I love the pastel tones my hair has now. And the good thing is, it will still look good even after it fades. I can't wait to do my makeup and take some better pictures with my new hair color.


Here I am ready for the day :)

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