Monday, September 9, 2013

Pastel Mermaid Hair

I am back from PAX Prime and can't wait to share my adventure with you! But I took a bajillion photos and I've been so busy catching up at work that I just haven't had time to sort through them. So eventually I will post my Vampire Diaries convention pics and my PAX Prime pics. But for now here is a fun little hair experiment I did yesterday!

I've been watching videos on YouTube about "mermaid hair" and how you can get it for yourself! Most of the videos featured pastel colors and big loose waves.

So I used my Ion Color Brilliance in purple, blue and pink. These are already pastel shades so you don't have to mix them with conditioner to lighten the pigment. However, the blue was kinda bright so I did add a little conditioner for mine.

I just put random chunks in all throughout my hair.

This is what it looked like when I shampooed it out! Be sure to use cooler water so the color lasts longer.

I added some color on top of my bangs which were already a faded blue and pink. So that is why they look a little darker.

This was after I dried it really quick. You can see how subtle and pretty the colors look!

Next I used a curling iron to curl my hair. Even though this has a clamp on it - I used it as a wand. Meaning I just wrapped medium sized sections of my hair around the barrel for a few seconds then let it go.

I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.

This was after I finished curling it all!

Then I brushed it out and hairsprayed it. I wanted it big and messy - like a mermaid!

I just need my hair to be a couple inches longer then I'll really have mermaid hair :)
But I love the pastel tones my hair has now. And the good thing is, it will still look good even after it fades. I can't wait to do my makeup and take some better pictures with my new hair color.


Here I am ready for the day :)


  1. Cute! You and Nerdburger have such fun colors in your hair that you both inspired me! I bought some clip in purple and pink extensions! Can't wait to put them in. :)

  2. I love your hair! I wish I could purple to mine but because it's so stark black, no hair dresser wants to touch my hair to add some bits of purple.

  3. You look so amazing!!!!!! Yay I have that shirt as well.YAY

  4. I wanted to do pastel purple/lavender hair but the stylist said I would have to bleach my hair super blonde (I'm a dark brunette naturally) and since my hair has been the healthiest its been in so long, I decided just to go with a red, haha. Totally chickened out. But your mermaid hair is gorgeous! :)


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